Friday, January 06, 2012


He's the reason why I love Arsenal.
He's the reason why I stopped following Arsenal for a while.
And now he's back.
Couldn't ask for more.

In an unrelated note, he used to wear the number 14, now he wears the number 12. 
14.12 is my birthday!

P/s: Been busy with the assignment. The due that supposed to be today was extended to Monday. Not sure whether I should be happy or sad.=P


eva said...

be happy dont be sad.. if sad be more happy, if happy be more cheerful;)

wahh! no sgt cantek.. my befday 2.4 fav no 2 dan 4..lucky no kan hehe

Alkisah said...

nice one.. i like it

missnadira said...

eva: hehe yes miss eva. I will be happy and ever so cheerful:P:P

oh 2 april eh..okey noted.:P:P

alkisah:saya amik dr blog2 org juga pic kan:P

titi said...



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