Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Remember this?

I need to refer to this while doing an assignment about thermoelectric nanomaterial,

One of the reason why I took Electrical Engineering is to AVOID this thing.
Lucky me, I meet them again this sem. 
This is indeed interesting.

Talking about material physics,

where's Dr. Sheldon Cooper when you need him?


eva said...

bahhahha!! oh no!.. paling susah.. paling benci ahhaah!! penin kepala.. dulu cikgu paksa kitaorg mesti ingat sebijik2 semua tu.. haha

dya mmg terer blja lagi benda ni.. hehe kalau sy dah surender dh.. :P

missnadira said...

haha..kann..mmg tak berbakat dalam chemistry tapi terpaksa buat-buat suka..hahaha:P


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