Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 blogs i love to visit

I have few other blogs that I religiously visits in my blog list but mostly they are Arsenal related or friends and some I just currently following. These particular 5 blogs are the ones that I've been reading for quite sometimes and also Malaysian crowd can relate to.

He did not update the blog regularly, but if he does, it just some sarcastic one or two liners or super lengthy ridiculous fiction that have no ending. Either way, you'll laugh your ass off. His specialty is, his ability to see/say mundane things/word in a very amusing way. You can't NOT laugh when reading this blog.

Who doesn't love Hanis Zalikha? Pretty, smart girl  with sense of humor. You just can't afford not to like her. If you say you don't like her then sorry to say, you're just jealous.=P
I followed her from Malaysian Dreamgirl and been visiting her blogs ever since just to see what is she wearing, her beautiful family and read her funny tips every now and then.

Blog of an aviation engineering student in Russia. He writes about current issues, his studies and his life in foreign country. There are some serious stuffs where you can get useful infos. Things you should know but you don't. Most of the post I can relate to as a student and sometimes he made me think deep about my life. It's a good way to motivate yourself.

Uncle Gedek is documenting his aging process by capturing his face daily. Same concept as Jonathan Keller but he does it in a unique way by taking self portraits in different background that shows his daily life, where he goes to, and his family. The caption of these pictures are what I love most about the blog.=P

A football community blog, they are a combination of various writers giving their 'insight' of Malaysian and EPL football. I love reading all the comments from every other club supporters bashing each other after every matches. Just hilarious. =P

I used to leave comments there, but I noticed everytime I leave a comment, there will be an uninvited 'H1N1 virus' perching on my blog. So no matter how funny the post is, I'll tell my self, don't comment, don't comment, don't comment. So silent reader it is.=P

Speaking of student in foreign country, I used to follow (well I'm still following) Realiti Konspirasi  but he already started working and hasn't been updating for 5 months now.

Wait did I just list 6? Well Realiti Konspirasi doesn't count so, technically it is still 5.(^_^)
How about you guys?


LollyHatesMe™ said...

yg penting fan tegar arsenal no 1 hahs

please visit

eva said...

hanis zalika punya blog one of my fav.. kerana blog dia eva bukak blog balik hehe..

missnadira said...

eva:hehe tula..she inspires a lot of ppl with her own way..


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