Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I am no longer a student

My final exam result was out last night.
And I'm officially done with my degree. Well not officially, technically I still have this intern but yes. I'm done with everything else.
So this morning I walk to the office with a lingering thought that I'm NOT a student, I'm a working ladeyh..hahaha. demnit lady sounds old. Funny how the thought somehow makes me feels like I'm a free man.:P

Cause my study life hasn't been an easy ride. So let's keep the 'I can't believe all my misery had ended yadayada' talk after my convocation. And oh ya, the convo will be on 6, 7, 8 and 9 October. It's a loong way to go. God knows what'll happen in between.
But again, Alhamdullillah..(^_^)


EG said...

Tahniah la. Orang baru nak start. Sigh.

adila13430 said...

congrats dya..!!~
welcome to work life.. :)

missnadira said...

EG: thanks! haha takpela..awak kecik lagi.. blaja rajen2 ek..hee:P

Dila: thankyou Dilaaaa....*hugs*

Abg Stalker said...

:)tahniah,working lady..hahahaha

missnadira said...

hahaha working lady..noooo..:P thnx abg stalker:p

Anonymous said...

Congrats luv!

nadiya yusoff said...

waaa...dah habes ye!!

congrats!!!dah boleh cari duet, kumpul duet n kawen.heeee

missnadira said...


jen2:haha tengkiu..cari duit, kumpul duit nak shoppingla, jalan2 ke,pegi Emirates ke, shopping lg ke..hehehe:P

GoosieGoose said...

Yay for u! I still ada another sem lagi :( blerghhh. cepatlah habis fyp pls!

missnadira said...

Ain: haha you can do it.Xlama da lagi. Goodluck!:P


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