Tuesday, January 03, 2012

When a brother is not here

It's been almost 4 months since Memi leave the country to Mafraq, Jordan. Now everytime I went home, it's only 5 of us, we've always been 6 people since Aran was born 18 years ago. Memi leave for great reason. They say if you search for knowledge in God's path, jalan akan dipermudahkan. He IS the jewel of our family. All my brothers are. =)

Little Memi standing beside Aran in the stroller.

When he was younger, he's a talkative child, ever cheerful and despise sports. A huge Harry Potter fan, he's the one who forced me to watch Harry Potter and lend me his HP books so many years ago. And I'm glad I listened to him.=P

And when he grew up, he turned into this wise person beyond his age, that you can talked to about almost everything. I remember when I'm depressed, and I have nobody to turned to, I called and talked to him. Then things went better. Funny, an older sister turns to his younger brother to cries on her problems. But that's what special in  him.

KL- Muscat - Amman - Mafraq

He turns 19 years and 8 months today. 

I know I'm not the best sister in the world. But I'll always love you and pray for your success. We'll wait for you.  Only 3 years and 8 months to go. That's like just a blink of an eye. =P

Memi, Abang, Ayah and Aran - Raya 2011.


eva said...

dya sorang jer perempuan eh.. hehe.. best ada ramai bradek lelaki.. feel protected ;)

missnadira said...

hehe..agakla..dulu masa kecik2 asik gaduh je.da besar rasa macam anak paling last pun ada.haha:P

eva said...

ahhaah..betul tu.. masa kecik asyik gaduh jer..

sama! mcm eva jugak anak first tp mcm bongsu..slalu kene buli adek2 3 org tu.. ish2.. tp sronok.. sbb makin rapat bila dah besar.. hehe

missnadira said...

betul2..dats y best kalau umur xjauh beza..sbb bila kecik semua org kecik..bila besar semua orang besar..hahaha:P:P


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