Monday, January 02, 2012

Malaysia Nuclear Plant?

Few weeks ago, supposedly in Mr Mahendra's Transient Stability class, we have a talk by Guest Lecturer Dr J.Nanda.
Amazing, amazing person. Very wise and fatherly professor from India. After he gave his inspiring talk about Transient Stability and the issues of global warming and environment in general, he mentioned one solution for the earth energy crisis - Nuclear Plant.
I agree and disagree at the same time. I agree the idea of that but I disagree if one is to be built in my country - Malaysia.

Last week in Electrical Engineering Material class, Dr Ong told us about speaking up and contributing to the society and he brought up the same thing,

...and TNB still wants to built the nuclear plant, and where are these young engineers, or you engineering students, don't you want to say anything about this?

I agree if our country is as big as Russia, the US, China or even India for that matter. They can do it. Plenty of it, no problem, they have the space for the disposal, and they also have the space in case anything goes haywire and *touch wood* radiation leaks. How many acres do you reckon our country is?
And where do you suppose we dump the nuclear disposal?? We barely have land for rubbish disposal. Dump it deep in the sea? you tell me.
Look at the map,

Red dots are the nuclear power plants in the respective countries.

For me two crucial factors are power(the experts).

You see, Russia and US are the big countries and they have the experts. (Well considering Russia is the biggest country in the world, they only have 30 or so nuke plant while the US have like 100 over of them.)

Smaller Europe countries may not have the space but they have a lot of experts. Same goes to Japan. I saw the red dots in Japan  and I have goosebumps already. They have 54. But they do have experts. But still, see what happened after the tsunami. Experts alone does not ensure the security.

I don't underestimate our experts. It's just we're still a developing country.

When they propose the Bakun hydro dam project few years back, people were against it because our natural forests will be ruined, but this is nuke plant we're talking, not only the forest are at risk it's also the people.
Just think about our future children who will live in the environment.

Some people may want to prove that they are capable enough to do things. But It's not the matter of proving what we are capable of anymore,  its the matter of risk against the society. Do we really want to be responsible of the huge consequences just to conform to our ego and masochistic nature?

Here's what Dr.M have to say about the matter.

And in case you're wondering, he also said NO.

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