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My wedding - The Hit and Miss Part 2


1.The color of the material and the veil
Was perfect. I need to match it with the beaded lace I bought of dusty pink color, but I couldn't find them myself and no time to search for it, but in the end the designer found them and it was the perfect color.

The detail of the lace

The small beads on the train

2. The Fitting of the body
My first try the dress doesn't fit me nicely and I doesn't look like a princess whatsoever. But after that they take off few inches and it fits me perfectly.

3. The back design.
The back has V-shaped design that I love so very much, but unfortunately there's not a lot of photos of me from the back so it didn't really show in the pictures.

 second fitting

1. The Fitting on the hand/arm.

Because I bought a beaded lace, cutting the lace is a big problem to the tailor because when they cut it the beads will fall. They did suggest me to buy plain lace and they will hand sewn the beads later but I think this will be tricky because the design of the beads will not be as the imagination I had in my head. Plus it will be expensive if they do it one time and I'm not satisfied and they have to alter, it takes time and of course more money.

Wrist part is not fitted to my wrist.

If I bought the lace already with beads on it, I knew how it looked like and I already love it.
So for the wrist, they don't wanna make it smaller as to not risk the beads on the wrist falls out. I also did ask for inside zipper on the wrist part but again they said it's hard to cut the lace and put the zipper on it.

1. The Length of the train

I already told the designer my reception will be outdoor and at a garden, and it probably will rain so it will probably be muddy and wet and I will be wearing a five inch heel on the grass. But for some reason she still make a long train. Yes it IS beautiful - REALLY beautiful.
But it is not practical. I cant move freely up and down the sloped mini-hill from the photobooth down to the guest canopy. I'm already holding a bouquet on one hand and I need to hold my train on the other and my husband need to hold me so I didn't fall flat on my face.

My wedding dress really made me feel at war with my self. I could've just rent one at wayy cheaper price. But after number of visits to bridal boutique, I decided that I have no time for visiting more. I only have weekends and some of the boutique, you just enter and you know the design is old. The one with new designs are always full of people and the nicest ones are always taken, dirty or not in my size. And I'm getting tired to wait for my turn for changing room, being in and out of the heavy dresses, so I decided to go for made to measure, buy my own lace and material and find a designer to make it for me. Even though the material is way more than my budget and I knew the end result might not be as what I pictured it in my head, but hat's the risk I'm willing to take. For example, the boat neck is actually a bit different from what I imagined and the way they cut my lace is also not as I've had imagined. But in the end I actually love the dress. It's really me. So it was neither a hit nor a miss or it was both hit and miss.

Overall I'm REALLY happy with my dress and I would recommend the boutique Tepaksireh Bridal located at Glomac Square, Kelana Jaya. The designer is very friendly and responsive, they even provide me with the crown and also pin for my husband's songkok for nikah.
They also have rental wedding dresses and their design is pretty up-to-date but have the unique feel to it. Takde la semua asyik design kepok2 macam beberapa butik lain. I mean, I know the kepok2 trend is very in now, but maybe its not for everyone.


I always saw pictures of brides and I always say I DON'T want thick make up on my wedding day.
I don't want to "transform" and look like another person and I don't wanna look too white from my original skin color.
However during the whole makeup process, I got calls from some of the food vendors numerous times asking this and that and I don't have time to check the progress on my make up.
As a result, I became the bride that I always say I don't want to be.

The make up was pretty, the color the make-up artist use, suits me, but I really don't quite like that my foundation is too thick, hence too white that she need to touch up my neck because the color difference T_T.. and after it's done, there's no more time to alter. So I just go with it.

 I love the general tone, the lip color, the eye shadow, the blusher. 
Only the foundation.

I have no complain on the hair part since my hair is already troublesome as it is, being so fine and thin. The fact that they managed to make it right without having to use extension is already a BIG HIT for me.

I actually cant believe this is all MY HAIR, not even a strand of hair extension.

So overall I'm also satisfied with my MUA Nurul Elya Hilal Azman, because she did know what color that suit my overall look. 


Photographer is another issue. We already planned to use our friend as a photographer. But apparently he's not. That's another negative story that I don't want to repeat.

So we hire one after doing a research on Instagram. The OP and his assistant were very friendly. They can give ideas and also listen to our ideas.
One thing that I noticed, they are the photographers that focuses more on the quality of the pictures but not the people inside the picture.
For example, my body posture, I have a bad posture. I always hunch if nobody reminds me.
I promise to myself that I will not hunch on my wedding day but when you are greeted with a lot of people, you are wearing your 5 inch heels, you are holding your hand bouquet and your long train on one hand and hold on to your husband for stability on your other hand, you forgot about not hunching. Once my aunt remind me, "Along,stand straight" Which I gladly obliged, but I will hunch again after few minutes.
And worst is when it appears on photos. The photographers didn't mentioned it to me.

This is the photo that the photographer use as our main photo and one of the two that got framed.
I LOVE the concept and lighting. Honestly. But I was hunching big time. 

I used to do photoshoots for magazine, I don't know whether magazine and wedding photographers are any difference but magazine photographers cares about how the model looked on the pictures, they'll ask you to stand straight,(even scolds you sometimes) to sit straight, chin up mostly, pose the right way to make it a photoshoot worthy photos. So even you have no posing experience before, your photos will turned up good.
But my photographers focuses more on lighting, the sharpness of the image, or any other technical aspects of the photos more than how me and my husband looked in the photos. Yes, that shows that they are really a good photographers technically but If they also give priority on how the bride & grooms look, it'll be much better.

The photos are all amazing, don't take me wrong, I just don't look good in some of it.

Take this one as an example. It does look good at a glance. But if you look closely I don't only hunch, but my hair is already flat and curled from the sweat. This was taken during the end of the reception when the guest has recede and we took the chance to take a photo of two of us. Only problem is we already sweating like hell and I have nobody to touch up my hair. And if you noticed the big pink flower from my husband's corsage (to match my pink dress) also already fallen off, only the small yellow ones are left.
But credit to the make-up artist though because my makeup stayed on even after sweating a lot.

I really hope the photographers didn't use these for their promotional photos. I believe they did for the previous photo.
But as a viewer/potential customer, If I'm looking at the photos these photographers post on their social media, I don't look on the technical side that much, I don't know about lighting composition of the photo, or sharpness of the image or what not, I only see how pretty the bride/groom look and how gorgeous the background is. So if I can give advise to the photographer, I'll say that, yes not all bride is beautiful, but they can be the most beautiful version of themselves with the help of the photographer.

Other than this, overall pictures of the photographer are really beautiful. For me as long as we have photos, it should be enough. Here are some of my favourites.

When my husband have to fix my hair. And I don't look hunch. Hehe

Continue on the last part - Part 3.

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