Friday, June 16, 2017

My Wedding - The Hit and Miss Part 1

My wedding turned to be not exactly as I wanted but there's still a lot of good things I can take away from it.

To be honest, our initial plan is to get married somewhere in November last year, because I have travel plans on my 30th birthday in December.

I've made plans for my 30th birthday since I was 28. But that was a plan for me alone. Now that I have my fiancee, of course it would be better if he could go with me.

So we plan to just have a simple nikah on November and the ceremony somewhere in 2017. So that we can go travelling as a married couple.
I already saw a lot of my friend did this.
But I was so stupid and naive thinking that my parents would be on board with this idea.

So hundreds of fights later, I lost and we had our wedding on April 2017, both nikah and ceremony.
I missed my 30th birthday trip that I have planned for two years.
(Noted that 30 only happened once in a lifetime, and I've been freaking out about turning 30 for like a year, but its not important right?Sigh..)

So when my 30th birthday turned out not as I expected, I tried using force to have a ceremony as I wanted.
I dont want to have a lot of guest, I want to have a small ceremony with only close relatives and friends. My idea is to only spend RM10K on my wedding.(Again stupid and naive to think that it could happened),less than 500 guest and in a place that is not a hall.

So I chose Sentosa Villa, because the venue could only place 500 guests and nikah at home just for close relatives and anak yatim that could be no more than 100 people.

But my dad have different plans. He initially wanted to invite 1000 or more people (because of his position and he had a lot of friends and colleagues and relatives to invite) and suggested our ceremony to be done in a hall. I managed to dodged the hall but my dad invited 500 more people in the nikah ceremony at home where I expected the guest is only around 100. So at the end it became 1000 plus.T_T

This is what it meant about your wedding is not only for you. It's for your family too.
Eventhough I insisted that my parents have 3 other kids they can do whatever they want on their other kids wedding but I'm the only girl. SO I STILL LOST.

I have a lot to write so this will be a three part post.

So here's the list o the hit and miss.

I leave the food choice to my dad, because he's the one choosing the caterer for both venue.
Me and my husband don't really have a bite that day being the bride/groom
, u never had the appetite the whole day. so did my parents, so I don't really know how the food was like.

1. I heard people said that the food during my nikah was good. My dad hire a caterer that did kampung dishes. So that was one hit.

1. I also heard people said the food in Sentosa Villa was not quite. Yes some of my colleague said the food was good but I 100% believed they were trying to sugarcoat it. Because I heard few comments being otherwise. I felt bad because some who came to Sentosa Villa came from far places, Penang and KL.
So if some of you read this, I'm truly sorry if the food was not satisfactory. We truly have no control over that. Of course we hoped the food would be good and my dad hires the caterer whom he knew could deliver but if when it turned out not as expected, there's nothing we could do. So we are truly sorry.

2. The Vegetarian food.
If Gaya and her family or Aunty Viji read this, I had prepared vegetarian food for Gaya's family and Aunt Viji and her friend who came all the way from KL. I ordered two meals from an Indian restaurant for both my nikah at home and Sentosa Villa. Problem is, they could not deliver it, we need to pick it up. And Gaya could only come during the nikah, and Aunt Viji could only come at Sentosa Villa.
So on my nikah day, we have nobody to pick up the food, so I have to ask my brothers to help pick it up after my nikah. So Gaya and her family have to wait a while for the food to come and when it arrived they have to wait a while for it to be served. Nasib baik the caterer was willing to help serve the food. I dont know how it tasted like I hope it was ok.T_T..
And at Sentosa, I have no choice than to beg the restaurant owner to deliver the vegetarian noodle. Because everybody else is busy and I was in the hair and make up.
At the end the restaurant owner agree to ask his guy to deliver it, (the restaurant is already near to Sentosa Villa anyway). I've asked the caterer owner to help put this vegetarian food at one place and put a marking on it earlier on. But when the food came, there's nobody there to receive it so they just put it on one of the VIP table.
And nobody cared to put the food at the buffet table so those who sit on the table eat them and Aunt Viji and her friend didn't.T_T another MISS to the caterer again.

3.The caterers choice of color for the canopy and the Bride & Groom's dining table at Sentosa Villa.

We NEVER asked for peach color if our memory serves us right. We asked for CREAM.
But at that point we no longer cared. It was pretty even though its not the color we wanted.

Oops my husband is not sleeping. 

See, peach have the tendency to looked orange.
My dress is dusty pink my family color is maroon and I don't know how peach/orange will complement dusty pink and maroon. T__T

Continue on part 2.

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