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Revisited : Things to do before you reach 30

I wrote this post back on 2008 and kinda funny to look back of what I planned to do before I get to the big three-oh.

Some I've achieved, some I don't want to pursue any longer, some is still ongoing and some of them are ridiculous and doesn't even make sense at all.

So lets recap and see what I can add (what I still hope to achieve) before I turned 30. Hehe

  1. Get a degree of course. Checked
  2. Grow taller. I still can. I'm optimist. :P Haha No. I've been 163-164cm for 10 years now.:D
  3. My own goddammit BMW One of the things I no longer have interest to pursue.Cars.
  4. Go to Emirates Stadium Yeah still pursuing!
  5. Speaks 5 languages - Malay, English, Mandarin, French, Arabic. I can probably cross off Mandarin now. 
  6. Buy a house for my family. I really wanna stay with my family before i got married because I've been away from them since i was 10..=( My family already got a house. So I'll change it to just buy a house for me now. And that - Checked
  7. Own an LV handbag *just one is enough* ;);) Nooooooo longer interested.
  8. Working with Petronas or Malaysian National Space Agency. No longer pursuing. Current job is also my dream job since the last year of my degree. So sort of Checked.
  9. Go Bungee Jumping Checked
  10. Bawak my maktok and abahtok jalan2 and make them happy cos they've raised me and for being the coolest grandparents in the world! :P Maybe I have not exactly bawa them jalan2 but so far I've not forgotten to give some pocket money to them or treat them for dinner if I had the  chance. I know its not enough but i will always remind myself on this.
  11. Live in another country for few months Yea still pursuing but I don't put it under before 30, just one of my life wishes now.
  12. Pay for my brothers education or their cars or clothes anyhing. Supercool sister in the making.=P=P Not gonna pay for their car, but the rest is on schedule.:D
  13. Bring my family to oversea for a vacation. If they up for it. So far they always declined all my travel idea. but yeah still pursuing.
  14. Lasic Eye surgery Still considering. Not a priority though.
  15. Go to MUSE concert If they still playing yeah why not.
  16. Date Farid Kamil T__T I guess 2008 me was wayy into Farid Kamil. 
  17. Talk to Mr.F This is also the time I have major crush at my Control Theory lecturer who's like  6 feet tall and 6 years older. And NO I did not get to talk to him. Haha

Well obviously most of it were not a real wishlist. And obviously my thinking is a bit different back then. I read these and I was like 'what the hell were you thinking man?'

So this year 2015 version wish. I might want to alter some of these wish. The big three-oh is less than 2 years time.
So mostly its just things to do in my life. Will no longer put a limit on what age i should get it all done. 

1. I probably wont be pursuing masters. Kinda already made up my mind on this.
2. I still get my fascination on being tall. Though I'm already considered tall among the women in my country, but I still dream of having long legs like Coco Rocha or Gigi Hadid, all those runway models. I believe a lot of girls do. (At the time I probably stalked Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio on a daily basis)
But since growing taller is no longer an option, I can always count on high heels. (Wait this is not a wish)
3. I probably would buy a decent car incase my 20 year old Kancil decided that it have reached its time. But defo not BMW or that sort. Just as long as it is 4 wheeled and could bring me to point A to point B.
4. Go to Emirates.(plus watch a match there but I know its kinda impossible due to all of the season pass and everything)
5. After Mandarin, i'll probably go back to my Arabic learning. Brush up whatever I've forgotten and continue to master it.
6. Buy another house.
7.What bag now?
8. I wish I could be working on something i have a passion for. Haven't figure out what it is yet. At the moment I just wish to do my best at my current job. Maybe Lead Engineer in 5 years time? Maybe, I dont know if that's what I really want yet. Lead Engineer means more time = more headache = less life, where i dont really have that much life as it is. So ok, probably not. I don't know.
9.Go to a bungee jump that are more than 22m drop. Probably in New Zealand.
10. Will still try to remind myself on this whenever I visited them.
11. Live in another country for few months.
12. More to keep an eye on them to not make a lot of debt at early age. And force them to follow me travelling when they have their own money soon.
13.Back to point no 12 second phrase. If parents not agreeing to this, I'll drag my brothers.
14. Lasic Eye surgery, InsyaAllah.(In God's will)
15.Go to Muse concert haha yeah whatevs.
16 & 17 - obsolete.
New 16. I wanna go to Mekah for Umrah
New 17. I want to make sure I read (and understand) the Quran's content.

I'm gonna add another 3 to make it 20. I'm sure its gonna be all travel related.

18. I wanna go to Greece
19. I wanna go Istanbul
20. I wanna teach something. To primary schoolers, high schoolers, to uni students. I dunno what but yeah. Teaching.

So done all 20.
Will revisited this from time to time.

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