Sunday, April 05, 2015

Living life

After I graduated and started working, the main question that most of us have is how do we live our lifes.
I just go with the flow at the time and I also see some of my uni mates development from time to time.
Most of us go for interviews, get a job, some bought a car. Some got married and have kids. Some continue their studies. the more ambitious ones, started doing their own business as oppose to office hour job, some doing business on top of their 9-5 job. Some started venturing in investments. There are few however, doing a totally different lifestyle than others, travel. Yet an interesting one to think about.
I'm glad most of the people around me no longer care to be the richest or who have the expensive cars or branded clothes, but rather working towards financial independence at early age.
They no longer wanted to succumb to being a working bee for the rest of their lives.

Wherever I go, most of us have the same thought, time flies so fast when you started working.
When we were studying, 4-5 years seems like an eternity. After we started working, 5 years seems like a fortnight. That's literally what I felt. Feels like it was just months ago that I graduated but its actually been 4 years since I finished my final exam. Honest to God, this scares the shit out of me.

Even scarier when some 40-50 year old people I hang out with admit to it. To quote their word, 
'Wait till you guys have kids. One day you wake up, your toddlers are all grown up and u're 50.' 
Time flies faster when u're in your 30s - 40s.

I really love my job, and really want to do well at it but its taking the life out of me.
I'm running out of my twenties and still a lot of things I haven't got the chance or time to do. And I don't even have the time to figure all this shit out. 

Currently the highlights of my life is all these trips I take to different places. but that's like twice or thrice a year.
I don't want to have to live everyday looking forward to these trips. I want to be able to take trips whenever I want. I don't want to look forward to anything. 'Looking forward to something' is daunting.

Where am I going with all these? I've forgotten my point.
But it really makes you wonder sometimes if its all worth it. 

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