Sunday, May 12, 2013

Midnight ramblings

*This is football/Arsenal related.

I love Twitter.
Originally, I created my Twitter account just to follow Arsenal players on the site. After a while I started to follow people who LOVE Arsenal. I thought it'd be fun, and they'd be cool. But little did I know there are a lot of versions of Arsenal fans out there.  Though you love the same thing, you might have different ways to love the thing. There are 4 groups of Arsenal fans that annoy me the most:

1. The anti-Wenger fans.
I really can't tolerate this kind of fans.  U can bash any players u like, but if u're an anti-Wenger, then that's a deal breaker. He might have flaws but show some respect to the old man. U liked him enough when he's in glory years ago now don't talk shit about him during these not so glory period.Unless u r a supporter before the Wenger era and the unbeaten season means nothing to you.

2. The 'also a Man Utd fan' fans.
How can this even be possible I could not comprehend.

3.The 'super fanatic fangirling' fans.

The one who, 'Ohh look at his abs, his nose, his shoulder his buttocks his toenails and every other freakin parts on his body..'

So far I haven't found this kind of fan in Twitter. Only in some blog I found and (briefly) followed when I was searching for fellow Goonerette last time. They basically love the hunky players, not the football itself. I don't mind their fascination to good looking athletes but these kind of fans brought the wrong impression to the girls who watch football not because of how good he looks when he winks or things like that.

I started watching football and Henry back in 1998. I probably didn't even know the use of my genitals aside from peeing at the time. Only when I'm in my twenties I found out that I liked Vermaelen more than his ability to kick a ball around the field. He's fierce, spirited, tall, bold, not a striker, older guy and a leader material then. If I was going for the look, i'll be a Beckham fan or C.Ronaldo fan or whoever. I'm a girl, so its in my default setting to hv crush on guys. That doesn't mean my love for football is a complete nonsense.

4. The 'shut up u're a girl and u don't know shit about football' fan.

What a sexist fug.
I got a lot of this whether directly or indirectly throughout the years. Just a classic male ego. No matter how knowledgeable a girl is on football, there'll be a guy telling this shit to her. So don't even bother. Also some of my guy friends who didn't play football got this 'shut up u dont even play football u dont deserve to state ur opinion' comments.

Then u have to actually play football, be damn good at it and be technically adequate before u can watch a football game, like it and give comments on it?

My grandfather is 82 years old and he freakin loves football. He certainly didn't play any game and obviously didn't know what percentage the player make a complete pass or winning tackles or every other technical shit these football geniuses talked about. But he love to watch it anyway. So now he can't give his opinion whenever he watch the game because he don't understand footballing technics?

Some people watch football because they simply enjoy watching it, they don't really have to master the technicality of the game to make them love the game. Same goes to others show for eg American Idol or Masterchef. Those who watch the shows doesn't necessarily have an idea what 'falsetto' is or what freakin Basil is. And surely they aren't a pro singer or a freakin chef, or even know how to cook to begin with. But they love watching the show regardless.

I dream to live in the world where I can watch football and discuss it on the next day without having to be a professor emeritus in sport science majoring in football or something.

So that's enough rambling for today.

This is actually the estrogen talking. I'd probably deleted this post in 48 hours.
If it were entirely up to me, I'd say 'I don't give a shit.'
But I'm just a hopeless girl soaked up with estrogen in this time of the month. So I oblige to my nature however forcibly. Till then, goodnite!(^_^)


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