Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Why?? Why is this happening to meeee?????

Time2 camni baru tepikir kenapalah saya bukan anak Sultan ke anak Menteri ke??
Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....*nangis hentak kaki*

Anyway, the dates are May 25th and 26th.
Kalau dapat pergi....... Double dose! Emirates and MUSE!
Like shooting 2 bird with one bullet.
and MUSE shows are always freaking epic.
Ticket starts at 49.50 Pound.
Okay la around 300RM.
Tapi flight ticket pegi London? Macamana?
*cries hystericallly*

Okay. Sign off dulu.
Nak plan rancangan merompak bank.

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