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Disclaimer: Before you read this, make sure you are a BIG time MUSE fan, if not quit reading or you'll waste your time for nothing.

I want to post this earlier but i've been busy, so today i did since i've got a chance. Who ever missed the MUSE performance in Malaysia, make sure you got their DVD HAARP: live at Wembley that has just released recently. Not quite recently, March i think. The concert was held in June 2007.

H.A.A.R.P. stands for High Frequency Active Aural Research Program

I'm not a concert type of person so even though i like some band i don't mind if missed their concert or anything but this band, i think i'll still be frustrated in few years time for not going to their concert last year. Actually its not even a concert, its just a tour, but hey, i've been waiting for them to come here since forever and when they did come,i didn't go. This is the only band i can say, i love each and every one of their song.

The concert starts with all three of them appeared in the middle of the stadium, Matt with his dazzling red suits, Dom with bright green pants and Christ in all white, they were sort of catwalk to the stage decorated with giant satellite dishes, futuristic antennas, massive glowing balloons and thousands of dazzling lights, before start kicking asses with the awesome opening "Knights of Cydonia".

There’s no high point of this concert for me because the high point is everywhere, i love the opening, Knights of Cydonia, Hysteria, Supermassive Blackhole, Maps of Problematique, Apocalypse Please, Invincible, the next thing that impressed me was when Matt takes a rest from being the world’s greatest guitar player and settles down at a piano, and plays the Nina Simone cover "Feeling Good". The performance of two acrobats on the hanging balloons during Blackout, that was breathtakingly amazing, Matt himself said hat he was mesmerized by the whole atmosphere, and Plugin Baby of course, never fails to make my heart pumps hearing the solo by Matt, almost every songs manage to make the crowd respond hysterically.

Dom rockin'

Matt makin love with his guitar.
I don't have Chris pic, i don't have proper picture actually..
I remember someone said that MUSE was not good at live performance, seeing MUSE pulling off a gig this big, as energetic and rock almost 70 000 people, they did more than prove to me.

One comment i read said this:
"It’s hard to not be amazed by the entire concert. Even without the pyrotechnics and monstrous backdrop, Bellamy is simply a master at everything he does. Play piano? Check. Shred like Eddie Van Halen? Check. Sing higher than most girls I know? Check. And even more impressive, the man writes solid songs with riffs that stand up against the best out there. It’s almost impossible to not be a fan of Muse (or at least respect the musicianship in the band) ."

But there’s also bad comments:
"The price of the food on offer though as it appeared that the pies must have been made out of gold and filled with angels tears at £4.50 a pop."

Apart from that, they were unbelievably awesome. MUSE..please come back to Malaysia, before i'm getting sagging old and my ear cant stand hearing loud music that have decibel range more than my grandchildren's cries or my husband's nagging......

The Songs played:
Knights Of Cydonia
Supermassive Blackhole
Map Of The Problematique
Butterflies & Hurricanes
Apocalypse Please
Feeling Good
Time Is Running Out
Soldiers Poem
Plug In Baby
Micro Cuts
Stockholm Syndrome
Take A Bow


SyMacKz said...

da download blom video live nie??
style dowhh...

dya said...

of cos la sudah..lame gile da ni..:P


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