Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chasing the Sun

Did any of you guys catch the EPL 2012/2013 season promo on Astro recently? The promo appears constantly in between Euro matches just to remind us that the new season is coming soon. Very soon. I couldn't find the video anywhere in Youtube.
Argh..just finish the EUROs already!!
I literally ached waiting for the new EPL season to start.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention, I'm very much into the theme song of the promo, Chasing the Sun by The Wanted. Keep repeating it over and over again this few days.

But I kinda felt a bit frustrated when I googled the singers. It's a British boyband. Yes a boyband. I think it's been centuries since I heard about a boyband. Since The Backstreets Boys and N'SYNC era.
I was hoping the singer was Train kind of band, you know..
Oh and Train was in town last Saturday. Didn't got a chance/time/money to go.. Why can't they wait for my paycheck before coming here..?


Okey distracted. Back to the topic. What was that again? oh The Wanted. So apparently, this band consists of 5 guys..or boys..
One of them is 19, that make me felt kinda pedo-ish..T_T but don't worry I like the bald one. And he's 23.=P 

Max George

Cue: Jason Statham, Freddie Ljungberg and Wentworth Miller..:P:P

Looks nice at the beginning but not so much at the end. Can we stop this vampire shit already @_@

But all and all I LOVE the song, kinda injected your spirits way up. The band, not so much, maybe a little cause they are British. Gotta love the accents.=P
I still wish I could find the EPL promo with this song as the theme though.

So that's for now. I got my ITP presentation tomorrow, still got slides to prepare.
Till next time. Goodnight~ (^_^)

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Anonymous said...

Chasing the sun really one of my favourite song also for the wanted band..:)


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