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No Regrets! (^_^)


Walaupun tersangat-sangat-sangat-sangatlah frust sebab tak dapat receive scroll dr Tun Dr Siti Hasmah this year. Bertahun-tahun pray for her health supaya dapat receive scroll from her tapi since past two years dia memang bagi scroll sambil duduk, beribu orang kot, kita pun penat berdiri lama2 kan.  Tapi tetap bersyukur, this year for my session we receive our scroll from Tan Sri Dato' Ir Md Radzi Mansor.
Saturday and Monday was Tun Zaki Tun Azmi.

Budak Letrik line depan skali hokeh.:P
I was number 21.
masuk hall kejap je then terus kena naik pentas dah.haha. 

To be honest, Engineering is freaking madness to people like me.
At times, when life turned out very impossible to swallow and when lowest low moments happens, I do wonder if this is NOT what I'm supposed to be doing, and if I were to start again, I should take a different course like, say, a Degree in Psychology or Language or Journalism instead. Because those are among the course that I thought quite interesting and I would've liked.

Because I really don't have any idea which course to take at the first place if I don't take the Engineering course. I can't figure out what's my main interest.
So I just follow the generic path,
Science Stream in high school => Engineering Course in university.

Even after I finish my Engineering Foundation in Malacca I couldn't decide my Major.
That time I registered in Electronics Engineering Majoring in Multimedia. No reason at all, I really honestly don't know which major I should take.

The only reason I can think of is that Multimedia Major have only 2 Engineering Maths subjects. Compared to 4 in Electrical and Pure E majors, and 5 in Telecommunication major.
(Well according to Tele students the 5th maths is not technically Maths, its more to random processing and what not.)
So in Multimedia major 3rd year onwards is more to computer and multimedia subjects.

Then after going through first year, I noticed that I sucked at every computer subjects, C language, programming parts, everything, and I hated the subject. I started to freak out.

So I go through the syllabus again and find which majoring that have fewest computer related subjects, some advice from Academic Adviser and few Electrical friends, and during second year I changed my major to Electrical Engineering.

And that was the BEST decision I've ever made my entire life.

Well at the end, it depends on individual interest, what's easy for you might not be easy for me, what's interesting for you might not be interesting to me. vice versa.

Till this very second, I don't regret a damn thing. Life is what it is. I don't believe in 'what ifs'. Our life has been designed according to our capabilities. We do this because we are capable of handling it.  GOD wont test us with things we can't handle. So whatever happens to us actually is the best for us. Be it whether its bitter or glorious, its all the best for us. It's the way we handle what's given to us is what matters. The way we live the life.

I almost got teary singing "Permata Dunia" - MMU anthem in the Grandhall earlier, because I remember singing it for the first time during orientation at MMU Melaka years ago.

But no tears came out, I'm just so happy. Maybe all the emotions already went out when I got my final exam results on last May/June. That time I already cried, call every person I cared and performed the Sujud Syukur. Because my path was not as smooth, few obstacles came bubbling out to the surface and finally it's all over.

So today is just a day of celebration.

So NO. No regrets.

Thank You Allah for this blessings.
Thank You to my Dad, Mom and family for financial support. God I owe them loads.
Thanks to my coursemates, Joyce, Gaya, Azue, Net and all Electrical students,
my FYP supervisor Dr Kartik, electrical lecturers Dr Naeem, Prof Ramar, Dr Normiza, Mr Mahendra, all the lecturers who taught me, my Academic Advisor Mr Yau Wei Chuen, he's no longer in MMU. He helped a lot, my roomates and friends from Alpha, Intan, Wiwi. And all friends whom I know directly or indirectly.
Thank You.
Tuhan je yang dapat balas jasa awak semua.

Oh BTW this cracks everybody up in the Grandhall, freakin genius who did this.:P
Couldn't find the full video though.

** Okay I've uploaded the FULL Video.thanks to She Loves Green for giving me the link.;)
Wasn't expecting this at all.


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