Monday, June 07, 2010

SISTER in need!

I'm looking for a sister, below are the criterias:

Age: 22-26 yrs
loves shopping
good listener
great hugger.(^_^)

If only it is THAT easy to find a sister.=P

When mama was pregnant with Memi 18years ago, I really wish we had a baby girl. Then when I was 8, Mama got pregnant again, this time awal2 lagi mama dah cakap baby boy so that saya takkan berharap lagi. And there comes Aran. 

When I was 10 or so, I had my own baby pic in my wallet and pretend it is my little sister. I look at it every time I felt sad. I even named 'her' Nadila or Nabila or something.(Just to make it similar to my own name). I kept the picture until my first year in boarding school. Then slowly the whole 'little-picture-sister' thing gone cause I'm too busy adjusting to teenage life.=P

Now, I'm still imagining, always, what if,  i had a SISTER. Like them.

My second cousins, Nana and Nadia.

The idea of having a lifetime best friend...

 Lynn and her sister

...Having someone we can share all our love and heartbreak stories..

And of course sharing all those gorgeous clothes and shoes and stuffs, whatever stuffs there is.=P

It's not that I'm not grateful of what God have gave me. Most of the time I do. Brothers are cool, less sensitive and humorous. They cracked stupid jokes all the time. They're a lot stronger, so when they grew older, I will be the 'little' child in the family, not having to do any heavy chores, and being scold by them for driving recklessly. Hehe.

But you know, It's just not the same.

My brothers have cool clothes.But I can't borrow them.
Bila nak beli pad, they suggest Libresse, nanti boleh jadi macam Adibah Noor. Bila mengadu problem, dia boleh serius untuk 5 minit je.(or tak sampai) Lepas tu dia akan ketawa. Bila nampak mamat hensem pun, "ler,macamtu hensem ke?"

I watched the Simpson the other day, there's this one episode about Bart envying Lisa and Maggie, and he wants a brother. When Lisa said to him,

       "You envy us. Maggie and I shares the deepest bond there is: sisterhood. We'll be closer than best friends for the rest of our lives. But you'll never know what that's like, because you wont ever have a brother."

I was like, Ouchh!.=P
Hey Bart, I understand how you felt, I really do.

Just my thoughts, Having sisters pun tak semestinya takde problem kan, after all, brothers or sisters, they are all darah daging. They will always be there for us no matter what.kann?

I LOVE my brothers!. =)

p/s: To Nana and Lynn, sorry yer, amik pic from your Facebook.;)


GurL-FriDay said...

Babe, it's true. Having a sister or sisters is cool. They are always there no matter what. Although kecik2 dulu gaduh bagai nak rak. But when we grow older, we become friends. But fret not to those who don't have sisters, sometimes you can find the same qualities or even more in friends, for example your bff. I know some people who actually have this sister bond with their friends, and I bet you're one of them ;)

missnadira said...

Yup. You knowlah kan, life is full of 'what if's :P
But I totally agree with you..:)

Saleh Hamdi said...

ksian nye..smpai imagine ade sister sndri..
alah, nnt ur bro kawin ada la sistersss! haha

missnadira said...

ala..taknak..tak same..hehe:P


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