Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Feeling

It's mid August and I'm joyful for two reasons:

1. I've settle every other subject workloads: assignments/labs/midterms, so now I can shift to fifth gear for my FYP.
2. The EPL 2011/12 season has started. Nothing's more thrilling than watching the most competitive league in the world.

I don't know how the two even related but somehow watching excellent runs like Liverpool's Steward Downing makes your spirits amps up for the day. Just the drive I needed for my FYP.

About Arsenal game last night:
I'm excited to watch our first away game of the season. Just eager to watch new boy Gervinho and kinda-new-boy Vermaelen.
Overall game: Yawn~

P/s: Joey Barton is just as stupid as his hair. He blabbed about fake diving, how about nauseating fake acting you moron. I wish Song had just stomped his calf into two last night.

P/p/s: I google translated my last phrase and I got this.

My English is bad. I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

joey barton should get a red card too for me..not a yellow card.

missnadira said...

yep.absolutely,the ref just didn't see it..T_T..
rugi je..kalau tak bole pakai gervinho lawan liv and manu nnt..:(

Alkisah said...

tak pa janji kitaorang faham

Pocket said...

tumblr tu camana pun pocket tak tahu hahah..

for me to talk about my too intelligent ideas ..
or my too stupid ideas.

the people next to me dont think its interesting enough to even be describe by word :D

missnadira said... baru je delete post tu.:P

btw tumblr is a blog tapi more to pictures yg malas tulis suka letak gambar je sesuai la pakai tumblr..:P


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