Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Palawan Trip: Coron Part 2 - Island Escapades

There are few things people can do/go when in Coron.
1. Kayangan Lake.
2. Mt Tapyas
3. Safari Tour in Calauit
4. Shipwreck snorkelling tour/Coral garden
5. Maquinit Hotspring
6. Malcapua/Banana Island

And we only had 2 full days in Coron means only 2 trips to choose.
We already took the Kayangan Lake tour the previous day. And from what we see, we're no longer interested in Shipwreck and coral garden thought it was gonna be more of the same as what we saw yesterday. but we figured out we're wrong at the end of the day when our next room neighbor told us the shipwreck was totally visible you could stand on part of the boat and the Coral Garden was really a garden. Totally different from our trip to the Kayangan Lake tour.

I do want to hike 700steps of Mt Tapyas and see the sunset view, but we're too tired from the previous day trip. Dena was not so fond of the idea so I'm not leaning on it since we have other options.

The Safari Tour is too far (4hours van ride) and too expensive.

And we plan to go to the Hotspring later during the day. So we took the Island Escapade tour.

And thank God we did. This tour is a 2 hour boat ride from Coron and consists of 3 islands.

First we went to Malcapuya Island.
All these pictures I took from my old HTC One X phone. The grandpa of the One series. But still I think they turned out quite good. The bright sunlight really makes it possible to capture the moment as it is.

I wish I had one whole day to spend here.

Though I love the super clear water, I couldn't stay too long since it's super hot at the time.

I literally burned myself.

2. Banana Island

Another delicious seafood lunch being prepared.

Here I have the chance to go snorkeling for a bit.

3. Next and the last one is Bulog Dos Island.

Then back to Coron main island.

Then as planned we went to Maquinit Hotspring. I haven't been to any hotsprings actually so it was a nice experience for me. It's quite a stunning place with the hanging lamp decorations and everything. But I couldn't take a lot of night pictures using my phone. Most of it in Dena's camera.

So we had our last breakfast the next day in one of the gazebos and just chit chatting while waiting for our van to depart to the airport.

To be honest, 3 days are not enough to be spent in Coron, there's so much thing to do and explore and experience. If I were to choose, I might replace the Kayangan Lake Tour with the shipwreck tour, and I want to hike Mt Tapyas and wait for the sunset.

Time was not on our side but all and all we had fun, and I'm truly satisfied.

I'll definitely come back, fly from Manila straight to Coron next time.

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