Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Palawan Trip: Coron Part 3

Us on our last day in Coron

One thing that we always try to figure out is the food. Since Philippines is predominantly Christian community, it's kinda hard to find a Muslim restaurant there. All we had was biscuits, instant noodles, fruits and some instant boxed food we brought from home. Since canned food can't passed through the Manila airport.
But we're lucky two of the tours we took serves no meat at all, just crabs and fish and seaweed so at least during those tours we could eat rice.

From what I read online from other people experiences in Coron, there are no Muslim restaurant or eateries. But we tried to ask the locals anyway since we found few Muslims runs a grocery store there. but to no avail. So the night we went to Maquinit Hotsprings, this tricycle driver happened to be Muslim and promised to bring us to a Muslim food stall on our last day in Coron.

The Tricycle guy, Abdul Rahman named his tricycle after his first daughter.

So for those who are planning to go to Coron, look for this food stall nearby the boat jetty. There's a lot of other food stall so kinda hard if we have to find it ourselves. So i took a picture and the name of the owner so other people could find this stall in the future.

This lady name is Isnaiah.
Her food stall address : Shop no 37, Building No 5
Phone number : Smart - 639 097532074
Probably you can call her and ask for directions.

All are local food but not much different from Malaysians local food. 
Just they use a lot of coconut than we used to.
We took 3 kinds of chicken since we haven't had meat for 7 days, one kind of fish,  2 kinds of veggies with rice and all costs only 310 peso.

 After that, we still have time and the tricycle driver decided to show us their newly built mosque. It is located up on a hill on the way to Mount Tapyas.

The tricycle driver(the red shirt) introduce us to the Imam of the mosque. They seems very excited of the construction of the first mosque in Coron.Telling us up until now, there are almost 200 Muslims in Coron.

The mosque also is a place where they teach young kids how to read the Quran and other religious classes. And they wish for donations to make the place a proper religious institution. So for those who plan to come to Coron, you are welcome to visit and give a little donation. They will definitely appreciate it.

Even though not 100% completed, its already been used at the time and I believe during the time I write this, it must be completed and ready to be used.

I wish to go there again on my next trip to Coron.

 So after that the driver took us back to our hotel and we took a van to the airport.

 Busuanga Airport, Coron.

Flight delay is common here, during the time, our flight delayed for almost 2 hours.
Luckily it doesn't affect our consecutive flights in Manila.

 Rather small airport..

  ...with a small landstrip.

So that's a wrap on my Coron post and Palawan trip.
Might not be the best storytelling post and I'm not very good at expressing my experience but all I can say these places are worth visiting if you have more time in your hand.

I'd say Puerto Princesa 3 days, El Nido 4-5 days and Coron probably a week.
That is if you are okay with 5-8 hours of land travel (bus or van or even motorcycle if you're up for it).
And 8hours boat ride.
But if you just want to explore Coron, just take a flight directly from Manila.

Thank God for this little experience.
Now I'm itching for another trip. InsyaAllah, soon. Wish me luck.:)


DJ said...

Hi Nadira, thanks for the info! I feel really good after knowing that there are muslim population in Coron. Will be going to Coron next week, insyaAllah...Do you know how can I contact Mr Abd Rahman, the tricycle guy? Thank you again for sharing your experience in Coron... =D

Nadira R said...

Hi DJ,

I'm sorry I only saved his number in my Philippines simcard which I lost in the airport.=( But Isnaiah the lady I mentioned above (thank God I wrote down her number) is actually his cousin and the Muslim community is very tight there so I believe if you contact her you will get in touch with Abdul Rahman as well.

Anyway enjoy your trip there, be sure to visit their mosque, I believe it should be 100% complete by now. I wish I can go back there again.
And send my regards to Abdul Rahman if you manage to meet him ya.=)

DJ said...

Hi Nadira, thanks to you, I managed to meet the halal warung as well as the mosque in coron. But unfortunately, due to the lack of funding, the mosque still not complete yet. :-(

But we are really happy to have opportunity to meet muslim community in coron. Great experience. Priceless! Thanks for sharing this great info! :-)

Nadira R said...

Hi DJ, really?? Alhamdulillah, I'm happy I could help.
A bit bumped to hear the mosque still haven't completed though, but its actually predictable given that they are minority there.

Anyway, I'm glad u had a great time, dont forget to update your blog about your Coron experience k.

Would love to read it.

Unknown said...

Assalam & hi Nadira,

May i know about Coron people medium language and do you use your malaysia sim card (roaming) or philiphines sim card there.. thank you..

Nadira R said...

Hi there,
Coron language is Tagalog.
I use philippines simcard I bought in Manila.


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