Sunday, February 27, 2011

thank you

  • for your time
  • for teman me went shopping, i know you hate it
  • for finishing my food
  • for peeling the shrimp for me when we ate char kuey tiow because i am too darn lazy to do it..:P
  • for buying me new pair of heels when the old one snapped
  • for not smoking in front of me when u know i'm not okay with it. even when you really had to, you tried to keep the smoke away from me
  • for giving me a  beautiful pearl necklace when you came back from holiday..u said u hadn't see me wear any accessories before..i swear i didn't expect that..i'm just expecting a t-shirt or a keychain..
  • for letting me change the radio station in your car to eventhough you always listen to HotFm..
  • for fulfilling my wish to have dinner at Murni Discovery eventhough we both didn't know the way and you were hungry and you were kind of grumpy at the moment because we took a wrong turn a couple of times..
  • for lending me your jacket when I'm cold, even though you yourself cant stand the coldness..I'm sorry, if i knew earlier i wouldn't have accept your jacket, cause I've no problem being cold..:P
  • for being there because when you're there, my mind get distracted from thinking other problems that playing in my head..
  • the list goes on...
but I gave nothing in return..

dan terima kasih sebab muncul dalam hidup saya..(^_^)


GurL-FriDay said...

ouhhh i can smell love in the air! :D

missnadira said... a perfect world..your statement will correctly sum up my post, but actually..i don't really know what this is..i'm wondering till this very second..:P


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