Friday, February 18, 2011

things i've to go through to watch football

So Barca vs Arsenal happened 5hours before my High Voltage paper. I HAVE to watch. It's someting you can't afford to miss. I planned to sleep earlier.but I i keep on revising until 3.30am and went to the TV room hoping I didnt missed the lineups.Then things happen

1.The astro button didn't work. yeah button. no remote.i have to change the channel manually.and the tv is at above your head level. i Have to close the tv, the decoder and switch it on back then only its functioning.
2.the florescent lamp was flickering. so i plan to change the starter from the lamp at the back. change the starter,first i had to  climb on a chair.
4.on that particular chair theres a cat sleeping soundlessly..
5.A CAT sleeping in a human's TV room..can you believe it..T_T..
6.I attempted to wake the kitty nicely..not  working
7.I shoved him off the chair..not working
8.I climb the chair anyway..
9.I tiptoed on the edge of the chair reaching for the starter. i was tiptoing...the cat tickled my toes! didnt he realize that i will be badly injured if i fall off the chair??what will i write on the accident report? tickled by a cat?
11.I shoved him off the chair again..wont budge.
12.continue replacing starters while keeping eye on the cat simultaneously.from front lamp to back lamp.moving the other chairs.climb again.blabla. the end, both lamps are not working at all.I am therefore ashamed to admit that i am an electrical student when i cant even change a starter.:P
14.the cat is still on that particular chair during the whole process.
15.i shut the tv and walk to the other block's TV room.
16.lamp,,okey,astro and tv,okey.
17.Mission accomplished.
18.though i missed the lineups and few minutes of the starts

So they won !
against BARCELONA!


everything is so bright and shiny after that.
including my HV paper.(^_^)

aaaaaa...the joy of watching football....

i gave my credits to Szcezny for his outstanding perfomance.i never felt this kind of  confidence for Arsenal keeper after Jens Lehhman.But he IS Arsenal no 1 now.

then Koscielny, he is the prove that u dont have to buy a Mertersacker or Ferdinand or Terry kind of defender to stop Messi or Xavi or any other deadly animals.Arsene sees something in him, sign him,and now we see what he saw.

then theres little jack wilshere. he's sweeping around the middle of the field create chances, stealing possesions and making life miserable for the bigger brothers. He will be England's pride in no time.

then theres djourou,who partnered beautifully with koscielny and so far never lose a game if he's on the game.then of course, van persie thight angle goal, a slight resemblance of Maicon's goal for Brazil at the world cup.damn he's peaking back right on time van persie.

theo's brilliant runs, nasri's brilliant assist..

okey the list will be infinite.I'll stop now.

exam's over. another reason to be happy..and im gonna spoil myself with food and loads of football at home. Looking forward for the 2nd leg at Nou Camp and Carling cup final agains Birmingham. Cant wait to go back!!
Till then.

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