Monday, February 28, 2011

hope goes on

2011 Carling Cup Final
Wembley Stadium 

 Arsenal 1 - 2 Birmingham

Being an Arsenal fan..I'm used to being frustrated watching this team lose to underdogs and even lower division when they lose last night, on the 89th minute, to Birmingham City, in Carling Cup final..where that was what seems to be the only chance to win a trophy after 6years draught, I almost cried..but I'm okey with it.

We wait for 6 years, but they waited 48 years for a trophy,and they only had 2trophies during 100something years of their existence. We still in the running for other 3 cups..and they dont have any...So the victory is sweeter for them..let them enjoy the moment..

They outplayed Arsenal?
No they're not. We have dozens of shots on target, our players done anything they could. What happened was they have the giant Zigic which seems like the only thing he can do is scoring from set pieces since he's 6'8 tall and the goalkeeper Ben Foster turn on God Mode.

Szczesny to be blamed?
No. He's done well so far considering he's only 20. much older keeper made mistakes. van der sar made mistake..heck even iker casillas made mistakes.. so why blame him.. it's not even a mistake if u ask me.. how many times u try to catch a ball and it slips from your hands?

Wenger to be blamed?
for not spending on good players? what are the odds that those good players will not make any mistake after we bought them? have manchester city won anything after they splurge their big money on those so called stars?

I kinda felt unease when he took out rvp and arshavin earlier than i thought, rvp hv been instrumental and arshavin had a great first half..but we have greater things ahead that could use their service, why risk them..yes getting a trophy is important but if getting a trophy means all key players are limping all over, would we satisfy on just a League Cup Trophy?

Defenders to be blamed?
Those were the same defenders that tamed Barcelona last few weeks, they proved they can be good, they used to make us proud.. if they keep on playing perfectly then they aren't human..

Point is..
As long as they work hard and give a great fight, I'm satisfied..and i got that from the Arsenal team last night..
the effort and the spirit of RVP, Nasri,Wilshere, and everybody else, makes me proud that i support this team..

I know those players are dashed. but they have to wake up, stand tall and face the world. People will be talking, they wont stop. So screw them. It's just another game and life goes on

for those so called Arsenal fan whos blabbering, pinpointing and whining all over..please go find other team to support..we dont need you...we are happy with this little circle of fan who still believe and love the team not only when they surrounded with glory..but during their worst downfall..

so that's it..Good day to all and looking forward for the next match..(^_^)

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