Friday, March 04, 2011


I love perfumes. 
I prefer to stick to only one in a long period of time.
I know some people love to have different types to wear to different occasions but i believe most girls love if  they have one significant smell that can define themselves, that suites their personality.
When I was 15, I tried a lot of different kind of colognes in the stores from baby cologne to various type of body spray. and in high school, everyone will never have a unique smell, once u wear a nice smell, other girls will notice and next thing you know the whole dorm is wearing the same thing.

I love green bottle Johnson's cologne, I remember I purposely spilled it inside my bag so that my bag smelled nice for a long time.=P
But they don't have it anymore these days, they have different package and the smell is no longer the same.

After highschool I try to find the one that suites me, of course I cant wear the expensive one, so the option is always Avon. I attracted to one smell- Cyberlink. the smell is fresh and modern, not too strong, not too sweet, and for me its a bit guyish. i wear it for a year when suddenly Avon does not produced it anymore.

Then I tried Velique from Body Shop. I almost forgot the smell, a lot different from Cyberlink. But it was nice.

After that I search for another new brand, I fell in love with Davidoff Cool Water

After a year, i attracted to this one bottle that have a diamond ring on it, and later fall in love with the smell too, not in a same category as Davidoff's, it's a bit softer and womanly, but I like it and since then Ive been wearing JLo's Still.

This sem break I went home and I found a new perfume in my room. I asked mom and she told me her friend  bought her the perfume as a gift. but she didn't quite like the smell. So I tried it and I happened to love it.! 

It is again, not too sweet, not too strong and fresh. The smell I can say, is almost the same or exactly as my old Avon Cyberlink. So its kind of rekindle old relationship back.Haha.

Now I have two favorite smell at one time. and I hate this..(>.<)

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