Sunday, March 20, 2011

God Knows

I used to think that if I get certain gpa for the previous semester..I will be more more problems..just happy enjoying the perks from all the efforts I've put in..

But when I actually get the result I've always wanted..The happiness is not as expected. Instead, the week that supposed to be the happiest week of the year turned to be the worst week i had in my life..

The happiness is in GODs hand..if HE doesn't want us to be happy, so we won't be happy, but if HE did wan't us to be happy, the happiness will come to us in the craziest way we can imagine, in the situation we never expected. I know that time will come..because I believe.. Tuhan itu Maha Penyayang..


rebellion_kid said...

omaigod.. nice entry =)

missnadira said...

err,,which one? yg atas or yg bawah..:P


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