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My Palawan Trip: Coron Part 1- The Kayangan Lake

I've starting to miss my travel so I figured I should update my Coron experience. Since I stayed in Coron the longest compared to Puerto Princesa and El Nido, I'm gonna do separate posts for it. 

So where were I, yeah, the next day, I took a boat to Coron from El Nido. The weather was great and the ride was smooth all 8 hours to Coron. I heard if the weather's not promising the boat ride could take 12 long and bumpy hours due to rain and waves. 
This particular boat ride is why I insist to have this trip on April-the hottest month in the year since I'm not going to take risk sailing on a big sea during rainy days.

All we can do is sleep and read books.  

 This guy stayed at the edge of the boat for hours. He was 'cooked' to perfection by the end of the ride.

From inside the boat.
Yes it is NOT very big.

 I got all wet and dry again and wet and dry again the whole ride.

 So we arrived at around 3pm and sleep all evening. We woke up at around 8pm to get some food.
 This is the place we stayed. Better than all we had in Puerto Princesa and El Nido.

The owner is a friendly Korean lady who I guess have stayed here for 10 years more or less and have been in this business even longer.

 Comforting setup and landscape. Highly recommended.

This resort is not exactly at the town proper, we had to take a 150peso tuktuk everytime we want to go somewhere but thats the point, far from the crowd means less noise and more serene surrounding, u can see the background of this resort is a hill. Plus the whole resort is enclosed within a confined wall.

 Our daily breakfast

 The next day we straight away took our first tour. Mostly consists of lagoons and lake.

 Our lunch stop at Atwayan Beach,

 The huts are made specifically for lunch trips.

 Our lunch. All seafood and seaweed.

Then the highlight of our tour, The Kayangan Lake. We have to hike a little to reach this view.


There are not much underwater life here in Kayangan Lake, just an amazing rock formation underneath. Caves after caves. I think it would be more amazing to divers.

The scenery too are more or less the same as what we've seen in El Nido. We've been to few other places too, like there's this lagoon that we have to climb through a creek to reach inside it. And it is very very deep I could  only see stray of light going into the darkness.
I swear I feel like some huge sea monsters would come out of the deep trench at any time.

One thing I really appreciate is the boat man aka our tour guide. Since we have been to a lot of places before Kayangan Lake, most of us were already tired to explore the lake so instead he took a long raft, and drag(while swimming) almost all 12 of us around the Lake. Hats off to the guy.

Other place we went include Gunboat shipreck, which is suppose to be one of the visible shipwreck location. However we can only see the shape of what looks to be a head of a boat. So not really something that makes me jump of my feet.

Gunboat Shipwreck- picture taken by our tour guide who dive closer to the wreck. 
From the surface however, not very visible.

Plus all the places we went, they aren't really merry with underwater life. Even the Siete Picados(The 7 Sisters) who promised a lot of underwater life. I do see some fishes and corals but not as promising as what i could see in my home country. And probably all of us were already tired and didn't explore the right places. So the highlight was probably the Kayangan Lake and Atwayan Beach.

So Kayangan Lake- checked.
The next day will be in another post.

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