Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Random sisterly photos

Before I continue my El Nido post, l wanna share some unrelated pictures first.
Since end of last year i've been following this model Gigi Hadid on Instagram. Some might notice her face in Guess Ad at Guess Boutique in the malls. But soon she'll get more popular when her Maybelline ad's are out.

Anywho, i love everytime she post pictures with her sister Bella.
(Yes, im on this sister thing again)
Well since i dont have a sister and never will, i might as well enjoy other people's good relationship right?
Some of these i took from Gigi's and her sister's Instagram.

I love to see how they posted everything from wishing each other's birthday, normal stuffs they do together, events they went together and celebrating each others ad/spread/achievements.

You guys can go stalk them now.:D

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