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My Palawan Trip: El Nido

We chose an accommodation by the Corong-Corong beach. So the van drop us first before proceed to the town where the bus terminal is located.

Speaking of accommodation in El Nido, I have a hard time chosing though i have way too many time to book before the trip.

My first choice is accommodation by the beach. In El Nido, 60% of its accommodation is by the beach, so shouldn't be a problem. BUT, all affordable accommodation by the beach are those bamboo and woven wall type. I prefer concrete made accommodation, with aircond. hehe. but all of those modern hotels happened to all be in the town center. 

But since this is unplanned night stay so we chose not to waste money on unnecesary comfort and go for Plankton Diver's Inn. Which is right by the Corong-Corong beach. Only cost us 1500PHP per night. which is around 120RM. And it's half cement, with bamboo floors and woven walls. No aircond, but has a fan and its own toilet. It's actually not that bad considering. 
The distance might be an issue for some people since its a 50peso tuktuk ride away from the town proper and all the tour guide office/boat terminal etc. But for me its perfect since its far from crowd and  noise. 

Upon arriving we told the lady there our intention to do island hopping tour tomorrow and we would like a boat to Coron on the following day. She sign us up for the Tour right away and promised to book us Coron boat. After that we went for a walk in the town proper. Its actually quite lively at  night but its hard for us to finds any halal place to eat, plus we were actually weary from the day so we just went back eat some maggi and went to sleep.

View from our window

Place where we sat to watch sunset, talked at night and watch the stars.:)

The beach in front of our Inn.

morning view of Corong Corong beach through our window

The lights came as early as 6am there, and our tour only starts at 9am.
The place provide us transport to the port but since the tuktuk has left, our transportation was a motorcycle. So all 3 of us cramped on that little thing and went to the port. Quite funny actually, 3 adults cramping on a motorcycle.

 El Nido Public Market

Dena stopping to buy some cabbage, where we cooked the best cabbage curry ever that night.haha.

Waiting our tour boat

 Main jetty for tour boats.

The tour of our chosing is Tour A. We'll be going to all kinds of Lagoons: Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Hidden Lagoon and some beaches.
This is the most suggested tour when u only have one day to go for a tour in El Nido.

For  me its a really nice experience, since we don't have that limestone karst in Malaysia.
Before all the Lagoons we went to 7 Commandos Beach, where the beach had already been landscape to be a well photographed beach.

The coolest tour guide in El Nido

7 Commando's Beach

I believe I didn't quite capture the beauty of 7 Commando's Island, it was way prettier than these. I'll update better photo's once Dena transferred pictures from her camera. 

Then we went to The Big Lagoon, literally took my breath away. I don't even mind the amount of people visiting because the place is huge, and all these other boats is what make the Big Lagoon looked grand.

The boatman

The boats queuing to enter the Big Lagoons in line.

And then we went to Small Lagoon, which literally smaller than big lagoon where we cant go inside by boat, but we can go there by swimming or by renting a kayak for 300peso.

We had fun kayaking but sadly our cameras are out of battery and these kinds of lagoons proves that Go Pro is crucially important for taking 360 view of the lagoon.

Then we went to Hidden lagoon, which is much smaller than the Small Lagoon, where we can only go by foot through its creek to go inside the Hidden Lagoon

Our 360 view of the Hidden Lagoon

We had our lunch at the Simizu Island, which is very nice for picture taking.

When we went to our room, I felt asleep right away but Dena woke me up in time for sunsets.
And it was what I hoped it would be.

It's not much we can do and explore given only one full day in El Nido, but if I were to come here again, here's a list of what I will do:

1. Kayak to the north up the Corong Corong beach.
2. Other Tours
3. Round the town proper. 
4. Go to Nacpan and Calitang Twin Beach.

Other than that, I got what I wish for. I had a great time spending my night watching the stars through my balcony. Just, away from everything, with the mild sound of the sea, clear sky full of stars. Just, grateful. 

Next up, Coron.

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