Monday, April 07, 2014

My Malacca Trip

I'm trying to reduce my working hours.

Trying to achieve some work-life balance if thats even possible.

So Im currently seeking for adventures in my free time.
Locally first.

My attemp to visit Melaka last week has somewhat failed.

Plan is to go to A Famosa water world for their wall climbing, horse riding and go cart.
I purposely went on Monday to avoid huge crowds but to no avail.

No horse, wall climbing kena book beforehand and go cart pun takda orang attend.

So next is Menara Taming Sari.

Went there and it's closed for maintenance.

So taktau nak buat apa, naik River Cruise.

It's a fairly short route. Better take it at night when there's colorful lights.

So next pergi Klebang, cari Coconut Shake, and hopefully boleh jalan2 tepi pantai ke apa.
I have no intention for water activities pun this time because I just did my hair treatment the day before hahaha.

So Coconut Shake dapat.

Tapi rupa2nya Pantai Klebang diorang dah tambak.
So no pantai.
Pergi atas sikit ke Pantai Puteri pun..takde apa2 dah..

Then pergi Kota Laksamana cari Asam Pedas. I think I've been searching for this kedai dari time belajar masa foundation lagi. Oklah jumpa. Sedap jugak. But not to die for lah.

Then malam sikit cari Jonker Walk.
Pun takda..
Aunty tu cakap diorang sekarang bukak Sabtu Ahad je.
Sebab semua dah kaya katanya.T_T

I haven't been there for 10 years, theres a lot of things i missed. But maybe I can try again next time.

Its all just about good timing after all right?

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