Sunday, January 05, 2014

My December - Bye 2013!

Lamanya tak update blogggggggggg!

Okay update laju2.

So December kan my birthday month kan kan.

So it happens, dapat bonus (first time dapat bonus nih.eksited woo), office dinner dapat lucky draw (an oven,nak buat apa tah dengan oven haha) tak penah seumur hidup dapat lucky draw eh, bday dapat adiah jugak. kismes pun dapat adiah jugak.

Walaupun time bday Arsenal kalah 3-6 ngan City T__T (takde time lain nak kalah banyak2 time bday saya gak nak kalah banyak2 kan my Arsenal nih)
Tapi takpe, they have been top of the table for most of this season woohuww!
And masa game City ni saya jumpa balik dengan geng2 AMTOI. weeee..Qurratu je takde sebab nak exam sobs.

Sounds like simple kan but these simple2 things do makes my day. month or even life.hehe

And also workwise, after a year, satu tender yang saya design dah di awarded kat comp saya, so im so happy thats what ive been hoping for these past year and what i'll be focusing on for atleast until this coming April. Bukan oil n gas la tapi, industrial switchboard. But sangat okay for a start. banyak benda dpt belajar nanti. InsyaAllah.
Will keep updating on that if I got the chance.

Suprisingly I dont have any resolution for 2014, quite content with my life at the moment. (Ops of course la nak jadi better Muslim tu semua orang kena usaha kan kan I mean never feel settled with what u already have Dya strive for the better! we can always be better betul tak betul tak haha)
Okok more fun and adventure in 2014.

Happy New Year everyone.

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