Sunday, May 04, 2014

Book Review : Trying to be Muslim

I bought this book at KLIA while waiting for my parents flight to Umrah few months ago.
I'm attracted to the title.
It's about the author's journey to become a better Muslim. (Author is a very prominent Syariah practitioner in our country).
Her transition to truly understand what being a Muslim means from her early teenage life, her conquest to not succumb to her anger and her beautiful journey to Makkah and Madinah.

If I read this before I sent my parent off, I could've give it to my mom to read before she go to Umrah. This is a really good read for those who will go to the Holy Land for the first time. Very detail explaination on the author's journey and the great feeling it brings.
It could as well be your step by step guide on performing your Hajj too.

The book also include a personal story on anger management issues.
Why we should avoid it and ways to overcome it. Along with Quran verses and Hadis that supports it.

The author use our everyday conversational English and its very easy to relate since its like your own sister telling you her story.

Although i was expecting a different thing when I first look at the title, I've definitely learn new things from this.

So its definitely recommended as one of a worthy reading material.

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