Wednesday, June 26, 2013

women and sense of direction

Here's a funny story. Well, at least for me its funny.

Yesterday after badminton, I stopped at this Petronas on my way home to withdraw some cash and refill the gas. Then I meant to find Yamato Transport in Subang. Cos earlier at the office I got a call from this courier person says he cannot go pass my apartment guard house. So I gotta go and self collect the parcel. The address he gave was quite vague, can't even make sense of it in the map. So I stayed at the Petronas for a while to find other route. This Petronas is the one beside Maju Homes above usj heights exit(if you came from shah alam hicom).

So as it happens, the map showed me that the place is very near from the Petronas. But the route is misleading. So I went straight ahead to the toll pay 1.60, go to LDP reroute, pass IOI, Tesco and everything, go to Elite straight, then headed to Summit, go to persiaran kewajipan until USJ19 mall. Then after few calls, I found the place behind the mall.

Well that was easy.
So I googled my way back home. The map showed me left, and straight ahead, I found Maju Home..and the Petronas I was at the first time. *ultimate facepalm*

Get it? Get it?

The Petronas I was at is actually already USJ. I should just turn right at the Petronas and just 3 minutes up straight is Yamato transport.
Instead I went in full circle to get there.
I just laughed at my stupidity.

But at least now I finally get the idea around shah alam puchong and usj area.

And reading maps requires practice. So don't conclude the phrase 'women can't read map' to be true just yet okay.
I'll get my way around in some time. Just wait few more months. Hehehe..

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