Friday, January 04, 2013

Hi, my name is Nadira..

..and I'm a shopaholic. T_T..

Tapi bukan shopaholic yang macam Rebecca Bloomwood dalam cerita Confession tu. She's a fashionista.
95% of girls memang suka shopping. But not every girl is Rebecca Bloomwood.
I LOVE fashion, I love looking at models and people who are fashionable, but I'm not a fashionista.

In terms of clothing, I don't follow every trends and I did not crazy about brands and big designer name.
If the trend suits me, then saya try.
And when you dress up and put on make up, you really look like a lady, a woman, though I'm already an adult, I'm in no hurry to live the adult life. =P

My favorite brand has always been MNG and Roxy and since I was a kid, Adidas.
I might look girly on the outside but to be perfectly honest, I dig the sporty look. (That explains my fondness of football too I guess.:P)
Being in a family of all boys, I'm exposed to Adidas, Converse and everything of that sort way earlier than Zara, Topshop and Forever 21.

So for kerja attire and ladylike outfit, I go for MNG.
They are not too girly and flowery but still feminine. They have a lot of loose shirt, comfy material but still fashionable.

Saya sangat suka material knitted like these two.

One thing I like about MNG, is that some of their clothes is quite decent, you know untuk yang bertudung pun sesuai.
So I love to think that if one day saya bertudung, saya still boleh pakai semua baju yang saya beli dulu.=)

MNG pun tengah sale sekarang. Sila serbu. 
Saya baru beli sequined black top for annual dinner opis.hehe

For casual, sporty and everything else, these two.

Roxy now ada promotion, 
Buy 2 item, then you get any third item for free. 
Provided, the third item's price is the lowest among all three item.

Example: I bought a wallet of RM10 and a shirt of RM9, so I got another shirt worth RM8 for free.

For Adidas, tak semua design dia saya suka, tapi kalau yang smart tu memang sumpah smart gila. And when I knew Adidas will be the sponsor of Arsenal next season, saya menerima dengan hati seluas padang bola. haha=P

I was looking for this classic black & white firebird track jacket for quite a while.
I got it, but in this color. Dark Royal/Dark Navy. Which is pretty fuckin' awesome.=P
Tapi takda sale. Why Adidas why? Sobs.

Sejak kecik lagi, our parents doesn't condone us buying expensive clothes. Anything above RM30 is considered expensive. Kalau mintak duit nak beli baju, memang susah la nak dapat. Benda makan boleh. Malangnya saya bukan kaki makan.T_T

Sekarang da ada duit sendiri. Sukahati sendiri lah nak beli kapal terbang pun.haha.
For me it's actually untuk kepuasan diri.
So sekarang heart over mind. Sanggup suffer makan megi sebulan semata-mata for something that you wanted for so long and finally got a chance to have it. Hehe.
Antara keperluan dengan kehendak. Beli je dua-dua. =P

Kes saya ni samalah macam kes orang lelaki yang time kecik-kecik tak dapat kereta control or action figure, bila da kerja da ada duit, beli sendiri buat koleksi and yes, kepuasan diri.

That's me.

But as broke as I get, one thing I never do is buat credit card. Sebab itu adalah hutang.
And hutang is worse than not having any money, because hutang means negative (-RM) in your pocket.
So (-RM) vs (RM0). RM 0 wins. No brainer.=P

So Hi, I'm Nadira and I'm a shopaholic. (^_^)

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