Monday, September 24, 2012

What makes pretty people pretty

Apa yang membuatkan saya tengok seseorang girl tu cantik/gorgeous mengikut order of kepentingan. 
Of course lain orang lain opinion. But this is what I think lah.

1. Her (Gorgeous) Hair

  • The very first factor. For me, if a girl have a great hair, she'll turn a lot of heads. Regardless of rupa paras, kulit yang cantik, atau body shape. Trust me, letak rambut afro, atau dull/lifeless hair/frizzy hair dekat Angelina Jolie atau even Adriana Lima, they will not look as good. Kan kan? Think about it.:P
  • So if the girl pakai tudung, kalau dia pakai tudung dengan kemas and cantik equals gorgeous hair la, yang pakai tudung serabut malas pin semua equals frizzy hair la.haha.:P

For me she is the prettiest (and most honest) hijabista blogger.

Okeyla, takde make up. Still cantik. Sorry haters.:P 
(Gambar amik kat google, jangan marah ye sape sape)

2. Her (Flawless) skin

  • 2nd factor, doesn't have to be fair. But kulit yang bersih, smooth dan flawless will definitely give impact to your appearance.
  • I mean without make up ye. Kalau make up tebal tak aci.:P

3. Her fashion sense.

  •  Then comes fashion sense, sometime if a girl doesn't have the looks, but dia pandai bergaya, she'll get the attention too.

Example: Mary-Kate and Ashley. 
They are not necessarily the prettiest girls, but their fashion sense definitely makes them attractive.

4. Her Body 
  • Yes, those who have model-like body, you'll get people's attention, but if you have normal body, or even a bit chubby, as long as you have great hair and skin you are already attractive. Saya kenal ramai girl yang macam ni. That's why I put gorgeous hair as the No.1 factor.:P
Those are 4 major factors,

If I were to rate myself according to these 4 factors, 

My body - I'm almost perfectly happy with my body - 51kg and 164cm height.
                  I have all the bones I like, collarbone, hipbone, I just need to be FIT.*gym! gym!* 
                  So I give myself 75% in body column.;) 
                  Kinda weird rating your own self. But what the hell..:P
(Yes, certain people might have different opinion about beautiful body shape, I personally still love thin model body, healthy ones of course.)

My fashion sense - still confuse, so 60%,:P

My skin - thankfully no annoying problems, but still not flawless, 70%

My hair - This is where my problem starts. :( 
                 Dry and frizzy. I need serious overhaul in this just 30%

Point is, if you want to be pretty, be that pretty girl according to your own point of view. To impress yourself. Don't be pretty to get other people's recognition. Normally you won't get what you want. People will always find your flaws.

So mari memotivasikan diri. I believe all problems have solutions, if you willing to work for it. (^_^)

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