Monday, September 24, 2012

A girl is beautiful if she,

Harini rase nak cakap pasal Beauty and Pretty people.:P

Semua orang cakap that beauty is not only on the outside, but also from the inside. Duh, memang la kan. But we always tend to forget that.

 For me, a girl is BEAUTIFUL if she is,

   1. Confident
  • The important point, always confident in your own skin. BEAUTY will comes naturally.
  • Memang susah, tapi BUAT BUAT confident je.:P 
j          2. Neat
  •       Kemas dan bersih.
  •       Looks good, smells good.  
           3. Healthy and Fit
  •       Have a healthy eating habit.
  •       Active and FIT. think Nicole Scherzinger fit. Or nowadays reference, McKayla Maroney fit.   
  •       Doesn't smoke and drink

4. Educated

  •       Even if a girl doesn't have a fancy Masters or Degree, but she's a forward minded, always wanted to learn something new, then she's definitely BEAUTIFUL.

5. Independent
  • Girls are not expected to do everything. There are certain things we should let the guys do when they're around. But it'd be nice if a girl can change a light bulb or a flat tyre on her own.;)

Bonus point added to the a girls beauty if SHE is:

    6. Talented

  • Doesn't matter what talent you have, music, writing, cooking. If you have it, flaunt it.

   7. Outer beauty

  • Some girls are blessed with natural good looks, nice skin or gorgeous hair. If you are those who lucky that belong in this category, don't forget to always be grateful and bersyukur atas kurniaan Tuhan.:)

  8. Have a fashion sense

  • Also some girls, get attention because their creative sense of style. They always knows what to wear whats 'in' whats not and also knows how to mix and match without have to spend loads of money on their outfit. respect!;)

No, Izara Aishah not only pandai bergaya, but she ticks a lot of boxes mentioned above too.❤❤

Of course, banyak lagi definition of BEAUTIFUL. Terpulang kepada individu.

Itu saje, sekian terima kasih.


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