Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Out of nowhere, dalam 4 project yang saya plan (previous post), Project no.4 yang accomplished dulu. Hehe. Thank you God for the blessing.

I can stay in Cyberjaya and I got to do what I want to do. I've been assigned in Electrical divison and I'll be dealing with cables, switchgear panel, relays,circuit breakers and what not. No more valves and actuators.

Can't wait. A bit anxious but can't wait.=P
And self reminder: Don't forget your intern report and presentation.

Wish me luck in working world peeps!(^_^)


FEDO said...

Good luck. Shared lah dgn kmi projeknya. Saya minat pla dgr.He2

adila13430 said...

Congrats dya..
Welcome to real work life...

missnadira said...

FEDO: haha..what I meant by 'project' was what I did masa duduk dirumah (my previous post)..bukan work related project..hehe..

Dila: Thanks Dilaa..sila beri tunjuk ajar ye..:P

Al Kisah said...

yea graduate.. dapat duitt..


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