Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well what can I say..:P

Our Captain has been awarded the PFA Player of the Year.
It has been an outstanding season for him.

I really hope he'll manage to get the golden boot this season.
I'm a bit concerned since Rooney already closed the gap with only one goal difference. Hope he'll find his scoring form again in the remaining 3 matches.
Congrats to Robin!


EG said...

RVP memang legend, harap2 perform la dekat Euro nanti. Haha.

Al Kisah said...

hopefully he will sign new contract with arsenal..

missnadira said...

EG: tula..nk kena sokong netherlands ni..:P
Alkisah: Yup, but I'm optimist he'll stay..

Abg Stalker said...

smlm jmp RVP dlm mimpi :) bole tahan kacak la.tp pandai plk dia ckp melayu.

Jani said...

kengret to him.

missnadira said...

abg stalker: hahaha siap mimpi..dasyat jugak tu:P

Jani: RVP said thanks.:P:P

Anonymous said...

chelseaaaa i luv chelsea,,taun depan depa mnang epl jgn rsau k...haha

Ain Shah said...

Hya nadira, i nak ur home address pls. nak bagi u wedding invites but tak jumpa ur fb pulak. "__"

missnadira said...

ain..nanti i search u and add dekat fb k..i think we hv a lot of mutual friends..


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