Thursday, January 19, 2012

Citroen and Arsenal first cinemagraphs

How cool is this. (^_^)

Click here for more.


*Okay the ball and Arteta and Kos's sweater zippers should be moving but it's not,(I forgot this is blogspot not tumblr..=) so click on the link to see more.
Or see Coco Rocha cinemagraph on my tumblr.=)

**Oh actually, you can just click ON the picture to see it moves.=)


Abg Stalker said...

kesiannya sy,xde tumblr dan x thu pun mende la natang yg pasti zip sweater gerak2 mmg x bole blah r. :)

missnadira said...

erm.abg stalker try click kat link bawah gambar tu..boleh je view.cinemagraph ni die still photo, tapi ada certain benda gerak2..lebih kurang2 macam gambar2 dlm cerita harry potter tu..:P

Alkisah said...

hahah bola pusing2... dench.. nice pica

Abg Stalker said...

da tgk :) cool gile..seluar goyang2.hahaha


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