Monday, January 23, 2012

Move the f* on

I have a LOT of things to say. But all the words got jumbled up so I'll just say a thing or two.(or three)

Frustrated, yes. Big FAT YES.
But I prefer to look it at different angle and forget the tactical mistake or whatever shit the reason is. 

Look at different perspectives, 
  1. We have promising youngsters in Chambo and Yenaris. To play like that in their early EPL debuts was something to be applaud.
  2. I tip my hat to our defenders. Per, Kos and Verma did a good job considering. And Song too.
  3. RVP scored his 19th goal of the season.
I'm not gonna pin point the players who didn't do well because those players DO used to make me (and ALL of you) cheer before, so they deserves a little of my respect.

I just unfollow some of the Arsene bashing blogs in my bloglist just to be clear.

And I wish, one day I'll meet a fellow gooner friend who I can talk to and enjoy not only during the good times but also in a time like this. (^_^)


EG said...

Btw, nice game sis.

Alkisah said...

chills sis chill.. I would prefer chamboo play every game.. but wenger knows better..


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