Sunday, December 11, 2011

The legends

On Arsenal 125 Anniversary yesterday, 

"Henry stunned by Arsenal statue tribute."

Of course he was all emotional, people made a freakin' statue of him and he very well deserves it. 

On today's Match of The Day Highlights,

Press (regarding Arsenal-Everton match): "What do you think yo need to do to achieve a statue?"

Arsene Wenger: "Heheheh..uhh..I don't need one..I uhh..just want to do well for my club, that's enough..heheh."

Back in the studio,

Commentator: "Give the man a statue, he certainly deserves it."
Alan Hanson: "Absolutely!"


Alkisah said...

hahah comel muka wenger.. mahu tapi malu nak statue..

missnadira said...

hahahaha...kannnn..tu sbb sy expression die klaka..:P:P

eva said...

ahahahahah!!! terbaik gamba tu.. hahaha!

wilkshiere said...

believe me..he'll be wearing arsenal shirt again

missnadira said...

err..jangan la..i want him to remain as our legend..he had done his awesome time in Arsenal now it's his time to live life as a legend..not a player..


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