Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Self challenge

I've been having problems with my sleeping pattern since like forever. So starting from today.. I will try.. No. I will CHALLENGE myself to sleep atleast 6hours a day. no more no less.. not sleeping 2 hours today, and 12hours the next day. No. doesn't matter the time of sleep and wake up. Since it's really hard for me to sleep and wakeup at the same time everyday, But atleast I 'll try to make it  6hours.

Consistent sleeping hours will do good for my hair, my facial complexion, my brain, my appetite and my 8am class attendance.

I don't know how I'm gonna force myself to fall asleep. But I'll try.
Maybe I'll do some exercise
Drink some milk
Read books/lecture notes
Listen to songs
Sleeping pills
Cough syrup
Actually I've tried all of the above..nothing's working so far..

Any other idea?


Anonymous said...

minum susu banyak2...
kompem x lame pastu ngntok..
pastu tutop lampu n nyorok bawah slimut.hahahaha

missnadira said...

da tryyyy tp xle gak:P
minum susu leh la.. tutop lampu nyorok bwh slimut patu xle tdo gak kepanasan je bwh simut tu..las2 skali bangun tengok mubi kat lappy..hehehehe:P:P


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