Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review:Harry Potter ATDH Part 2

One thing about watching your favorite saga's last ever movie, don't put a your expectation sky high.
I happened to encounter some of the review and most of it said it was disappointing. So there I was watching and hopping for the least. Lucky me, I left the cinema feeling satisfied. The last installment of the saga for me is     a success.

I might say my least favorite part is when Harry, Ron and Hermione trying to escape from the Gringotts Bank. The movie made it look so easy. I've read the novel and in the novel , even I was frantically thinking were they gonna be able to get out from the bank after been left out by that bloody goblin. heheh did I just said 'bloody' goblin? =P=P

But my most favorite part of the movie is the Snape story. I cried when reading the novel and I cried even more watching the movie. It's good to know that cold-blooded guy we know for years actually do have a heart thrusted somewhere inside him. A big heart that is. Alan Rickman is one hell of an actor.

Very true indeed

One person that had been rarely appreciated in reviews is Ralph Fiennes who played Lord Voldermort.
Though he's familiar with antagonist role in Harry Potter and Hades in Clash of the Titans, he's also known for playing a romantic lover alongside Jenifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan.

And he looks good with a nose.=)

And what makes Part 2 better than Part 1 is that they manage to put a lot of things inside the almost 2 hour movie.

If you love this movie right from the beginning, you will find the last movie is truly satisfying. But if you are not then you'll find any reason to hate it.

Just imagine what an experience these kid has been through.

 So it's the end of a saga. Kinda sad really, but it's good to know how creative a human mind can be. J.K Rowling had given us a great ride to her imagination. 
Definitely one of the best saga ever created. (^_^)

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