Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"Tulaaaaa..mama kate jangan seronok melampau-lampau sangat nanti kang esok nangis.."

I hated that line with my guts cus it's fcuking true.
Tapi kenapa bila nangis melampau-lampau esoknya tak ketawa pun?
Bila tu la the only time kita nak rasa happy setelah beberapa lama, esok terus jadi the other way around.
So unfair.

The ratio is like
2weeks of sorrow - 1 day+night of super duper excitement - another months of sorrow before you get another day of happiness again.

So kesimpulannya, bila nangis, nangis betul-betul. Bila ketawa, ketawa betul-betul. Hehehehe.

Oh today is my dad's 51st birthday.

Happy Birthday Deddy~! 
Hope you will always be happy and happy and healthy and happy and I love you till death and after!

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