Monday, October 25, 2010

I was watching a friggin action packed movie!


I can't remember the match I've seen that taken aaaaages to finish. Sumpah rasa lama betul masa berjalan. And I can't even remember the last time I've felt that kind of satisfaction.

I was praying hard tonight since its ManCity, away, Teves the most 'in-form' or deadly striker whatever u wanna call it and it is MANCITY for crying out loud. Rasa nak buat solat hajat je. Tapi duniawi lah pulak kan. =D

The so called pundits had all the numbers layed out before the match saying how after the splurge by mancity Arsenal had bad records agaist that club and how arsenal away games had never been great and how Teves is deadly blahblah..

And I know if we lost we'll be in what like 5th or 6th place, 6 point behind mancity manu and frigging 8 points behind Chelsea. Damn Chelsea!

Then I saw the lineup, Denilson? where the heck was Diaby? They played 433 as predicted by Untold Arsenal and so do we. so they kinda cancel each other out, thats why we see some 'boy fight' between Cesc and De Jong tonight. Go die De Jong please! Dont hurt my boy!

Our defense did a good job to ensure Teves didn't get feed from anywhere. Eventhough at the very first few seconds of the game I was yelling like a maniac cause they kinda let him feed Silva.. and there comes Fabianski for a save!  

Fabianski!! Can't you believe that??!! It was kinda jawdropping moment watching him play its like totally 180 degrees from what we heard. But I still did not say he's the greatest or world class according to last night, but for me he was unbelievably better. .Confirm dah kena jampi dengan Arsene masa dia tidur ke apa

He's like fcuking proving the world wrong. 
So when Wenger have faith in somebody, please believe him guys.

Then comes the red card. On Chamakh. again. but this time it's not just a 'touch'. I applauded the ref. He got some balls redcarding a home player.And Boyata's out.

Then come Naasri's goal. Superb. I was so nervous I literally had pain on my chest looking at that. Im soo in love with Nasri rite now. Urgghhh! Damn satisfaction. But it was just one. I can't felt relieve just yet.

Oh the missed penalty. Its okey Captain Fabulous. U did great. Joe Hart was good. But tonight is 'The Fabianski Show'. You can try again next time  Hart.=P

Then after some chaos in the box from Fab to Chamakh he kinda missed it and of all people the ball comes right infront of Song, and Song scored!! with his toes! Haha. It was kinda from nowhere, even I missed that one cause my eyes were glued on Chamakh thought he might make something out of it. So 2 - 0. I still can't barely sit down and breathe.

Second half.
Adebayor is jerk. He knocked Djourous head! And then acting all buddy-buddy with the boys. What a pig.

Then our captain Faboulous is rested and Theo comes in and before that Rosicky for Arshavin. and later Bendtner for Chamakh. Glad to see Bendtner back after his long injury. I was saying to myself  "Sekali Bendtner masuk, goal pulak sebijik lagi." and he literally heard me. 3-0! Hahahaha.

After Bendtner, I was beaming, senyum sampai telinga and finally can sit down and reach for my phone, replying thirteen messages I got along the game I havent replied.Hahaha. And game over.

That was the most satisfaction I had after quite a while, Yes they had issues, Djourou had some, Arsha definitely had some, our defense is still not rock solid with no Vermaelen in it, but hey 3 nil away to Man City is always big. Unlucky adik Jack was not there to complete the excitement. This is the Arsenal I fall in love with.
Now we're in second with 5points behind Chelsea.Arghhh damn you 5 points!

I went to bed that night with a slight headache for screaming too much. Haha.But I fall asleep alright. The best night ever. Thank You God for giving me the chance to feel that kind of pleasure. Thank You God. So I'm off to class. Till next match.(^_^)


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