Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keabadian Cinta: Another love story

Harini nak tulis review cerita.

Haritu balik rumah takde buat ape so macam biasa tengok TV. Sekali tuka chanel 105 Astro, tertengok cerita ni dah separuh jalan. Baru tengok tak sampai 5 minute, daripada baring ngantuk2 kat lantai terus bangun duduk tegak mata berkedip2 sambil cakap sorang2. "Bestla crita ni gile!"
Tapi next time asik2 bukak selalu dah halfway cerita. So balik MMU terus check Cybertracker. Ada! Hahaha.

Oh tajuk dia Keabadian Cinta. Neh, cite lama kan. Fine. Saya tau.  saya baru tengok Pedulikan saya. haha.

Sumpah best.
Lagi Best dari filem Cinta. For me the best Malaysian drama/film I've ever seen.

Sape yang dah tengok tahu cerita ni consists of 3 stories.

Maya and David
Played by Cheryl Samad and Gavin Stenhouse

Love between 2 different races yang macam the late Yasmin Ahmad banyak kali ketengahkan before this. As usual, they doesn't make it as a problem macam cliche cerita dulu2 asal cinta berlainan agama je tak dapat restu keluarga. Tapi cerita ni, itu bukan isu. Parents dia sangat open. Asalkan anak dia happy and remind lelaki tu about the responsibilities yang dia akan face after marriage. Sekarang cuma tinggal anak tu and the partner je nak sesuaikan diri dengan all the situations which macamana pun mesti ada susah payah sikit in terms of budaya dan cara hidup semua kalau nak compare dengan marriage within same race.

Gosh, saya sangat tersentuh tengok ibu dan ayah yang macam tu. They still typical parents yang mahu menantu tu nanti ada kerja stabil semua (the guy in the story is a saxophonist,u know what Malaysian parents thinks about musicians), membebel pasal benda remeh temeh, risau apa kate orang (well mak bapak mane yang takde atleast sikit pun perangai camtu kan) but diorang sangat understanding dan positive, tak cepat melatah dan handle the situation very well. I know it is just a story but I believe there is that kind of parents like that here in Malaysia. How I wish I get to meet them some time.

Dina and Rashad
Played by Tiz Zaqyah and Eizlan Yusuf.

This one is when a guy fall in love with his bestfriend's daughter.And of course the bestfriend snapped. I think it's a good thing at the end the guy told the girl how her father is more important than himself and talked her out of the relationship.

In this one, I'm mesmerized of the beauty of father daughter relationship eventhough they didn't show it that much in this story. I felt that because I don't have that kind of relationship with my dad, which I so freakin wish I had. My dad is a sons dad not a daughters dad.Well he got three sons n a daughter what do you expect. But i think most of the fathers in Malaysia is like my dad. Daddies are more relax, they are not close to you as mom is. They are the Finance Minister in the family. And they often took care of the sons and leave the daughter to moms. They are not your bestfriend but they are the Headmaster. Always monitor you from far.

So again I cried  when Rashad told Dina how her father has been taking care of her all this while.

Suri and Ehsan

Played by SariYanti and Remy Ishak.

This I think is the most favorable pair to all who had watch the story.  
A blind girl and a deaf guy. Oh wait, a super cute blind girl and a hot deaf guy. haha. I found it too good to be true. How often do you see good looking handicaps on the street. If there are, they'll be hired by modelling agencies before we know it.=P

But the message the producers trying to convey is breathtaking and this 'Suri-Ehsan' story in particular take this movie to a whole new level in Malaysian film industry. I applaud them for the creativity and a standing-O for their ideas.

How I wish there's more movies like this in the future, then I'll be proud to promote Malaysian films to everyone I know.

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