Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A different view

Sometimes I tend to see these Arsenal boys out of their red and white uniform. After all, most people think girls who love football because of the gorgeous players. So why not today I enhance that aspect. It's a girl's blog anyway.=P

Here some of their pictures when you don't see them running on the field. And/or modelling for some ad, or  magazine cover.

RVP,TV,Fab and Vela enjoying their Lakers game



 Bendtner with his Baroness

 how often you see a footballer walked a runway..with a smug on his face..:P

Fab acting all gangstah.
I want that cat puhleasee..=P


Look at the face..
It should be for Hugo Kids shouldn't it? =P


Now what's with the umbrella?
nevertheless, he rocked the umbrella though he really did..=P

 I laugh my ass off when I first look at this picture.
Can't take him seriously though after all the 'jokes' he made these while..
Nice picture of him, but the blond do looks better on Song hahahaha....

Sagna, Song, Fab and Theo modelled for Ebel.
Nice eh..?
Look at Sagna..hahaha

But of all the boys, they still far from reaching this guy's level....

Calvin Klein underwear model!!
Let me present you none other than...
our beloved Freddie Ljunberg!

Not the real Calvin Klein ad, 
I put this one because the others are not suitable for kids viewer.hahaha..=P

This was his interview with some US reporter I found on the net,

ST: So do you have any plans to continue modeling?
FL: That is a reason for which I came to the United States. I saw Beckham in underwear on the side of all your city buses and thought "what is this? I am far more sexy than Beckham."

Hahaha, nice way to put it Freddie!

But of all the boys, I give my personal favourite to our Verminator. I usually say I love Chamakh physically, being big, tall, dark and all,  but his frequent use of hair gel turn me off. 

Hahaha, so the award goes to Thomas Vermaelen.

If  I happened to be a modelling agent I would definitely hire him. He has thick eyebrows and deep green eyes like somekind of Greek God, defined facial features and amazing bone structure. 
But I can hardly find any other pictures of him not wearing jerseys.

Maybe in one or two years time he'll be following Freddie's footstep,  but not another underwear ad pleaassee!!

So thats the eye candy for today

Uh, my posting had been so random these days..=D


hf said...

wow taksangka football players look so good without their jerseys! nice blog anyway

missnadira said...

hehe..if you love arsenal..u'll love them..:P
thanks for dropping by..(^_^)..


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