Sunday, August 08, 2010

Layan Hindustan kejap

I've mention in my previous post that I love traditional dance and somehow getting to love Indian cultural dance (well it's not that cultural, it somehow had been fusioned and modernized a bit) as seen in So You Think You can Dance.
Tapi saya tak berapa suka yang too westernize sampai hilang dia punya Indian culture, doesn't matter whether it's the costume or the dance itself. So these are three dances that I love the most from the show.

This one is the latest Bollywood dance for SYTYCD Season 7.
The fact that the guy contestant Jose is a B-Boy and horrible in techniques but have adorable personality, partnered with an ex-contestant Kathryn that is supercute, talented, trained dancer, with the colorful costume and joyful genie-in-a-bottle theme choreography makes their performance very entertaining.

Ini pulak, Dholna from Season 6. Performed by the Top 5 girls. My personal favorite. Saya selalu menari sorang-sorang ikut video ni if roomate takda kat bilik.hahaha.

And this one is Dhoom Thana. It is the first time they introduce Bollywood Dance in SYTYCD Season 4 and some say the best Bollywood Dance ever in the show. I can't agree more. The guy Joshua won and the girl Katee awarded The Best Girl on that season.

just click to minute 1:11

Best kan. Best kan. Not to mention that Dhoom Thana is my favorite Hindi song ever from my favorite Hindi movie ever Om Shanti Om. Hehe. Sape tak tengok cite tu memang rugi okey. Deepika Padukone sangat comel. Okey dah malam nak tidur. Goodnite.

P/S: Tadi tengok Legia Warszaw vs Arsenal. Last friendly before EPL starts against Liverpool nanti.Walaupun menang 6-5 dari kena tinggal 0-3 tapi concede sampai 5 okey. LIMA tau LIMA. bukan 4. bukan 3. Fabianski boloskan 3, Szczesny 2. Boleh tak tinggal kan kedua2 orang Poland tersebut kat sana? Nak bawak balik Szczesny takpe. Tinggalkan Fabianski plis. Arsene plis beli keeper plis. and defender jugak plis. pliss.takut wooo..=(

P/P/S: I'm fascinated by Polish names. It took me months to realize that Szczesny is just pronounced as 'Chesny' or something. Just now they had a player named Jedrzejczyk and Wawrzyniak. Now how do I pronounce that one? (^_^)

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