Monday, July 12, 2010

End of a fever

So Spain won.

Kinda sad seeing Fab so happy with the Spanish boys.=(

There you go. How ironic the team that I support at the start of the tournament won but I'm not that happy. But I'm happy enough for last night match. I however, rooted for Holland. Both sides played really well. And Spain deserved it. It was a great match for a World Cup final standard and I'm truly satisfied.

Now I have a 'little' revising to do before my midterm tonight. Fast revising I might say. Wish me luck! =P


Saleh Hamdi said...

yeay! for Spain~ :D
Dya betray spain!! hahaha
smua sbb Del Bosque x bg fabregas main byk2.. ;P
good luck for ur midterm! :)

missnadira said...

betul2.sbb fab pun ya.then sbb game spain takbes.not until the last 2 matches.but they deserved the win anyway.tak kisah la.hehe.thanks for the wish!=P


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