Wednesday, June 23, 2010

world cup cakes

okeh world cup lagi. Nak buat cemana kan, takde aactivity lain.

Portugal 7 - 0 North Korea
In the midst of people saying this edition of World Cup were kinda dull, Portugal heats it up  by having a goal fest against North Korea. Korea weren't all that rubbish though, they played an interesting game on the first half with few threatening shots. God knows what happened on the 2nd half.

When they were already up to 4-0, I knew it will get until 7 because the 'star' haven't score any yet at that time.You can see he's trying every way possible to join the long goal scoring list. And when he did, I laugh my cute ass off seeing him fighting over the ball with fellow teammate Liedson. The ball went all over his back and he desperately nick his chance of the frustrated North Korean goal keeper.

And then he giggled happily.

And the commentator said:

"Christiano Ronaldo puts the icing on Portugal's cake." 

Hahahaha.Good one! (^_^)

But that 'little' shot was before he missed couple of chances throughout the whole 87 minute and there's one moment when he slammed the ball from outside the penalty box and hit the top of the goal post. That'd be a tremendous shot should the ball ends up in the net. Tremendous. Damn strong.What did he ate really? a buffalo?

Spain 2 - 0 Honduras
They should've scored couple of more goals that night. Villa could've had his hatrick if he nailed the penalty. but he tricked himself actually by trying to trick the Honduras keeper. Torres wasn't performing as well as we hoped. And Fabregas were brought in nearly at the end of the second half. So unfair. Another frustrating game by Spain really.

Argentina 2 - 0 Greece
Despite of their winning streak in group round, I'm not impressed with Argentina. Messi haven't scored any of the 7 Argentinian goals so far. I hope he will cause I just love Lionel Messi face when he scores. You just want to pat his head and shove a lollipop in his mouth and says "Atta go score another goal".

And Maradona is very motherly, read: motherly. He hugged and kissed (like..really kiss..on the cheek) all his players like his own baby. So furious when people fouling his babies. Applauding each and every one of his babies tries and so far he's been a very happy daddy.

Motherly Maradona
He himself looks like a giant baby.

I have a question.
Which country named their people  after a dinosaur?
The answer is:  

I immediately recognize this team when the name Charisteas and Gekas appears since they were familiar names from previous World Cup, but Papadopoulos?   Papastathopoulos??
I mean.. seriously?
I felt sorry for the commentator though.

But I have to give credits to the keeper Tzorvas for denying a lot of Argentian goals last night. It was another boring match up until few seconds at the end of the game when they scored 2 goals and sent the dinosaurs home.

Sout Korea 2 - 2 Nigeria
Four goals! I should've watched this match instead of Argentina match last nite if not because of the lousy Astro button I can't change the channel and suffer another 90minute of boredom.
I really want South Korea to move further though.

Banyak lah kalau nak cerita pasal match lain. Ini saja yang teringat for now.
Can't wait for Brazil and Portugal match next week. But for tonight I'll have another visit to the TV room to watch Germany and Ghana match. I miss HB4 TV room, langsir baru,carpet baru. HB3 punya  takbes. And lebih rindu nak balik tengok match at home with my brothers. Aaa..nak balik lah nanti.

For now,
out to TV room.

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