Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a 'friend' story

I have a story to tell....

I want to be a model. Next thing i know I'm in America's Next Top Model or Malaysia's or what so ever. My goal is to win, get booked by big agencies and earn money for my family. Make them happy. But along the competition, i'm not doing so well and rather bad. My photo's suck and my walk are a mess. And there's Tyra told me i've to focus more, learn more, practice more and put more effort. "You said you really want this but somehow it doesn't translate in your photos. So you have to put extra effort and prove to the judges that you really deserve to be here." hehehe. Okay, me myself realize that i have to do the same thing. I keep on repeating in my mind. Focus, learn,practice and put extra effort. I'm not from a rich family so i have to do whatever it takes to be America's Next Top Model. But still every time in the judging panel, my performance aren't that impressive and i receive lots of criticism from the judges until one week, i was in the bottom two..very close to elimination. And i went back home without feeling guilty for not trying hard (because i think i've already tried my best), but feel grateful for not being eliminated. Still i was unhappy and complaining why other girls can do well but i cant.

Then suddenly, one girl came straight to my face and told me to stop whining cos i didn't put that much effort at all to impress the judges so i have no rights to complain why i was in the bottom two. She remind me my aim here is to earn money for my family. Supposed i cant afford anymore bad performance or else i might be eliminated.

Actually she's trying to make me realize my weakness that i already knew for long time. And do something with it..! Focus, practice and put more EFFORTS! Not just whining and complaining and pretend i've done everything to avoid being in the bottom two. And i DID realize it know. I already knew my weaknesses, i think i've put so much effort but actually i didn't. It's not even closer to enough. but when somebody step up and tell me straight to my face it goes directly to my heart and it hurts and i accept it and i know i have to do something about it. So i've learned my lesson.

In this story that girl was undeniably a good friend. Not only she concerned but she also dare to speak up. Some ppl just don't care, stay out of the way, minding their own business. If this girl ever exist in ANTM history...i tell u she will NEVER be the winner. Because she cares. But in real life... She's a true friend and i'm blessed to have her..

This story is just a piece of mind and might have been altered or exaggerated, also to remind myself. But to those who think they are related, sorry and thank you. Sometimes other ppl see our problems in different way and thats why we need a friend in this world so that they can tell us what we can't see thru our point of view. Especially our weaknesses.

Wish me luck to be the America's next top Model or Malaysia's or what so ever..=)=)=)


CresceNet said...
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intong kiut said...

like i know the real story behind..hehe.4flat babe dis sem..weehuu

sweetsmiley said...

good luck for final!! =)


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