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My first trip to Sabah

Basically, Desa IT Sabah was not as smooth as expected but the experience was.. i can say.. great! First of course its my first time in Sabah, my family was great, and their house kind of 'rumah air' type. Actually i'm a bit lazy to write. so i just upload the photo.

my whole foster family..
from left: mina, me, munzir, our dad- En ismail, YB Surinam, our mom-Pn.Elisah, Tn Hj. Zamzuri, Ian, Tamir and the one villager i dont know his name.

me, Mina, Ian and Tamir got the same parents.
they got 7 kids. 5 girls 2 boys. but 2 were in hostel.
the eldest is 16years and the youngest is 1year old.
our parents were very nice. but we sometimes couldn't get bapak's slang. we just rely on Ian to translate..bcos he's the only Sabahan among four of us..hehe

roof of south east asia
hope i can get up there one day

our first costume for the first show.

owh lupe nk ckp..i'm part of the dance group there. i love to dance soo much.. but dancing there made me missed some of the activities with my foster family.. bcos of the practising and stuffs. sedih jugaklaa..

with the village teenager who perform Brunei Zapin.(yellow costume)
Not much different actually.

Actually 6 of us ni kire macam penari terjun jugakla.. bcos we just practising the dance when we were in Sabah.. kire 3 days bfore the opening show. best x kitorg..? terabur habiss.. hehe..but we had fun though..=)

with my bapak
who loves to take pictures and dance..=)

our second costume

and the last one
i look uhm..ridiculously ridiculous!
One thing i dont like about dancing is the make-up...
lame satu hal..tebal satu hal..merepek satu hal lagi..see the green eyeshadow..!
tp actually dats commonla..especially malam..with all the lighting and stuffs..mmg la make up pun kene over..

have a boat ride with our bapak and siblings..

sunset at kg. weston, beaufort.
pecaye x? this pic was taken using my olympus which is 3.2MP je..hehehe

path to old chalet
kg. weston is actually one of tempat pelancongan jugakla.. so this is the path to an old chalet in this kampung. the whole chalet was surrounded by hutan nipah. quite scary la actually..hehe

me and my 16 year old sister on the main jeti..
notice the rumah air..i stayed in one of those..=)

the old chalet..really old huh..=P

YB's open house
the gals..

the guys..

our sister and lil bro.
mase ni our bapak take us ride at the sea..and we stop by picking buah Bidada.
rase die masam2..
xpnh sdap jugakla..

chalet..i dunno its name..
this one is the new chalet..
much more better than the previous chalet la.. mase kami pegi ni there are some of foreign tourist tgh makan kat sini..

our bapak rockin' the boat..hehe
dlm laut tu ade buaye tau.. siyes xtipu..

IT Class at SK Bukau..
basically this is their current computer lab complete with only 10pc's.
they called it "Pusat Akses"

Supposedly only 5 school that we should be teaching, but this school request to be included in our program. So without proper material kitorg pergi je... buat some LDK than teach them IT and Maths on the following day. Supposedly ade English class jugak. tp as we say this school is a sudden plan so we just having 2 classes only.
The kids are good la bcos i'm expecting akan ade budak yg buat hal but this school all the kids are cool. diorg siap excited lagi dapat blaja MS Word...
kitorg a bit lucky la sbb most of our friend dapat sekolah yg student die agak aggressive..hehe

Oh, the answer when we get for asking their ambition were as follows..

Cikgu(biaselah kan..)

hehe..i dunno where they get that!

Standard 5 kids.

With the teachers.

Kalau nak compare sekolah2 di Sabah esp SK Bukau ni dgn sekolah2 dekat Putrajaya... fuhhh... langit dengan bumi.... hmm... not my job to describe la kan.. hehe.. xpela..

Visiting the place they made the keropok udang.

The last process before they pack the keropok.
kitorg pun dah macam udang kat tgh panas tu...

So far these are the only picture i have. Actually Desa IT Sabah ni not only happened at Kg. Weston je, on Friday kitorg gerak pergi Kundasang, spent a wonderful nite there and balik ke KK. Oh before that we also spent a lil time at Kinabalu Park.
I must say i HAVE to go to Kundasang again other time with my family...sangat besh..i'm not good at words so xleh nk describe camne best nye Kundasang tu..hehe..
oh one more thing, disebabkan jarang naik flight in my life, i've to say the food was horrible...adehh..n rase nak patah balik pergi SK Bukau tu n told those kids yg nk jd stewardess tu lupekan je lah cite2 nk jd pramugari..hehehe...

So tambah lagi satu wishlist..
nak sampai ke puncak gunung Kinabalu!!

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